Finding best epilator is not an easy job,especially with so many different models on market its really hard to chose one that will satisfy your need and at the same time you have to look at the ones that you can afford.Our job is to provide you with list of best epilators out there and bring more comprehensive and in depth epilator reviews.In this ultimate guide we will do our best to bring you epilator reviews that will answer all possible questions before you make a purchase.

Top 10 Best Epilators Comparison Chart

The advantages of epilating

Epilating has become the weapon of choice against unwanted hair for many women (and also a small group of men). The rising popularity of epilators makes the best epilator reviews an important source of information for people who are new to epilating.Epilators remove the unwanted hair on your legs, your arms, on your bikini line and even on the face by pulling them out right at the root. The process is a bit painful in the beginning, and some people never dare to use the epilator on more sensitive areas. Usually epilating becomes less painful after the first and second application because your hair grows back thinner and thus is easier to remove.

  These are the reason why more and more women rely on an epilator to remove the unwanted hair on their bodies:

  • Epilating lasts a lot longer than shaving: When you shave your legs, you will notice that the hair returns after just a few days. And it usually grows back in thick, dark stubbles that are not only ugly but also unpleasant to the touch. When you epilate your legs, the results can last two or even three weeks. In addition, your hair also grows back thinner.
  • In the long run, epilating is cheaper: The price of a new, quality epilator is higher than that of a pack of razors or a pack of wax. If you calculate the costs in the long run, however, you will see that an epilator is cheaper in the long run because you don’t have to buy a new one every few weeks.
  • You can use epilators for different parts of the body: People often believe that epilators are only good for your legs. Good epilators, however, have a variety of heads that can be used for different parts of your body. Many epilators will also have tweezers for the odd misplaced hair.
  • Epilators are great for people with sensitive skin: When you use a razor, you will have to repeat the process every few days. This can be very taxing for your skin, especially when your skin is sensitive or when it has to deal with adverse conditions because of the weather conditions. When you use an epilator, you only have to use it once or twice a month. This will greatly reduce the stress on your skin.
  • After epilating, hair grows back less visibly: Epilating removes your hair at the root and doesn’t just cut it off on skin level (which happens with shaving). Thus your hair will not grow back as an ugly, thick hair, but quite thinly.
  • Epilating can be even more effective than waxing: While waxing lasts longer than shaving, it is still not as effective as epilating. When you put wax on your hair, it is automatically pressed against your body, which means that the shorter hair might not be gripped well enough by the wax. So often, you will still find yourself with some hair left after waxing. Epilating has proven more effective on shorter hair than waxing because good epilators have a system that makes hair stand up so it can be removed more efficiently.
  • Smaller chance of injury: Even though there is a little bit of pain involved, the chances of getting a serious cut are a lot smaller than with a razor (do you ever manage to shave yourself without cutting yourself a little?).


How to find best epilator ?

If you are looking into buying a new epilator, then it makes sense that you buy the best epilator right from the start. You should also always read the epilator reviews to get an idea about whether a certain model really keeps the promises the manufacturers make about it. But what does a good epilator need? Which features should you watch out for? Before you buy an epilator make sure that the model you would like to buy has the following:

  • A variety of epilator heads for different parts of your body
  • Adjustable epilator head with different settings, e.g. the option to only use half of the epilator’s tweezers for a less painful experience for first time users
  • Tweezers for harder to reach areas, and for the odd, misplaced hair (e.g. under your chin)
  • Cleaning tools for the epilator head
  • An ergonomically formed handle with a good grip
  • An easy to use recharge system (some epilators use batteries, but those are not recommended because the batteries usually do not last long)
  • A nice extra: a carry pouch for your epilator and the extras, so you can easily take it with you when you go on holiday


What to know before you purchase your best Epilator !!!

There are different things you need to consider before you make the final decision about which of the many epilators you should buy.Epilator reviews can help you to make that decision. You will notice that there is a big difference in pricing when you look at the different epilators from different brands. Sometimes the same brand offers cheap and expensive epilators. For the beginner, they might not seem that different, and you might wonder whether there’s a point in buying a more expensive model when there is also a much cheaper option especially if you just need something for bikini area which in that case you’re better of buying a bikini trimmer. It makes sense to buy a good quality epilator right from the start – and the cheap models are usually not the best quality. It might be tempting to buy a $20 epilator, but you would soon notice that it has a few disadvantages. Maybe it does not feel nice in your hands, maybe it does leave patches of hair standing, and you have to go over the same patch three or four times. Often the cheaper epilators also do not last as long as their higher quality counterparts. Some epilator brands also offer special cremes that help to calm down the irritation after the epilating and make your skin feel nice and soft. Look out for special starter pack offers. They do not only include the epilator itself but also a selection of useful goodies for women who use epilators.

What to look for in Epilator Reviews

An epilator stays with you for a longer time than your average razor, so you should make sure that you buy the right one right from the start. Take a look at the different designs, and also check out the material the epilator grip is made of to avoid possible allergic reactions (if you are allergic against certain components). There are so many different designs to choose from that you shouldn’t have to be stuck with a colour or design you don’t like or that doesn’t nicely fit into your bathroom.

Which are the most popular Epilator brands?

These days there are many brands that offer epilators – some are big names and known to most people, while other companies are rather small and you can never be sure whether they offer good or bad quality. In the best epilator reviews, you will notice that three brands are often mentioned: Braun, Emjoi, and Philips. While you can be reasonably sure that those brands, especially Braun, offer a very good quality to their customers in general, there is a big difference between the various models of epilators they offer. Brands like Braun, Emjoi, and Philips are also constantly developing new products. Some of the new epilators have everything a woman could want from the best epilator, others are failed experiments. Make sure that you always read the best epilator reviews before  you spent your money on a new epilator, especially when it’s a really expensive one!


An epilator can make a big difference in your life: imagine all the hours you can save during a year if you only have to epilate your legs once or twice a month, instead of shaving them every few days.  You could use that time to watch a nice movie, spend more time with friends, go for a hike in the mountains, or finally read that book that has been on your “to read” list for months. Not only will buying a best epilator save you time, it will also safe you money in the long run. After all, you won’t have to go out an buy a new one every few months. As long as you clean your epilator right after use, it will work for you for years. So you don’t have to spend a single cent on your hairless legs for a long time – compare that to the cost of razors, shaving creams, blades, and waxing creams. If you choose a high quality epilator after reading the best epilator reviews, you will save time and money, plus you will be rewarded with nice, smooth skin that can last for at least two weeks, and if you’re lucky even up to a month! An epilator might be a bit painful in the beginning, but most people quickly get used to it.

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