A Guide to find Best Beard Trimmer with Reviews for 2015

best beard trimmerOften men who doesn’t want to grow a fancy beard don’t need too much than a good electric shaver and toiletries for wet and after shaving. That’s not the case of big bearded men who might even have a great financial advantage on growing a beards: a beard trimmer is much more affordable and useful than electric shavers for big beards and they are technically everything you need to keep it neat and fit.

We are going to see today an ultimate guide for the best beard trimmer in the market right now, starting with the model we consider the best one so far available and more 5 runners-up that are not far from it and are also a great choice depending on what kind of beard and treats you have in mind to sculpt in your face.


While there are many features we can review in beard trimmers, we focused on very simple and exceptionally fundamental key factors that all good trimmers cannot miss at all, basically: a good trimming engine, variety of cutting guides – or cutting length – and a good set of blades. This is the triad that can’t be missed, doesn’t matter how much affordable, how great and popular is the brand or how stylish is the machine, and there are many out there like that offering very poor trimming quality, believe us.

Good trimmers HAVE to offer a precise and long lasting cutting experience and of course, must offer you many options of cutting length so you have the option to change the length of your beard whenever you feel bored or adventurous to try a new look. Let’s get to know our guys now.

Best Beard Trimmers in 2015 with Reviews

Wahl Peanut Beard Trimmer

Is not a surprise that a Wahl product is on top of our list. They are always competing for the #1 spot on the podium with brands like the German Braun when it comes to trimmers and clippers, but they have quite a history to back them up: they invented the first cordless trimmer and the first clipper working with a vacuum system, all that back in the ’60s. They are innovative and that’s for a fact.

For this Peanut trimmer Wahl established many of the standards of beard trimmers out there in the market and it works as a referential for many competitors. Nonetheless, it offers you the best you can have for a beard trimmer all in one. That is not about teleporting the removed hair right to the trash can, is about all the patented and great technology they offer for their products.

The Peanut is a quite classic kit developed by Wahl with 4 different cutting guides for a professional experience, you are supplied with resources to set your own barbershop at your own home. The creation is such a classic there is in fact a Classic version of the trimmer, the Black one, with a better handler design and a Cordless one that mimics the classic version but working on batteries.

All them share something very important: the same small trimmer, a quite handy machine only 4 inches long. You can buy any of these versions, the only differences apart from what we already mentioned will be the colors and the corded/cordless power system.

Is quite important to mention the quality of the blades of this trimmer. They are a stainless steel alloy quite sharp, whereas is quite recommended to go easy handling it in full, without any of the cutting guides attached because it might hurt if you are not careful. That’s why the kit also includes a red blade guard to avoid accidents whenever you mishandle and press it too much against your skin.

The 4 cutting guides offer the respective lengths: 1/2”, 3/8”, 1/4” and 1/8”, so you can get your beard as different as possible whenever you feel like changing your style. This Wahl kit also includes a cleaning brush and a little bottle of oil to keep the blades always in good maintenance. The price? The Black version, which is the most updated one, costs US$ 50 out of promotional sale, but you can find it for US$ 30 to 60.


Old Spice Beard & Head Trimmer, powered by Braun


We could say this beard trimmer is really tied to the Wahl, and some may say what makes it a 2nd best beard trimmer could actually make it the 1st. This Braun model is much more compact because it is made to be convenient and modern. Modernity has its pros and cons. Instead of offering the cutting guides separately, Braun offers only two guides with adjustable lengths, so you can have actually 12 different lengths. That’s great, right? Well, don’t go so easy.

A Braun machine is a Braun machine, the kind of best quality you can have when it comes to technology, long lasting products. On the other hand, some things are just doomed to perish doesn’t matter how great the brand is. Cutting guides with adjustable sizes are a little bit of a shot in the dark and many men and women complain about their fragility. If you are not too careful, if your hands are too strong, if you switch it back and forth for several years, these little things are cursed to get broken soon or later because they are simply very fragile.

That’s why most traditional barbers and hair dressers prefer their things a little bit old school: separate attachments, you set them when you need. You might take many many years to be able to break one of these Braun cutting guides switch, but the odds are, you might end up having them malfunctioning soon or later.

Apart from that detail, it is a damm Braun trimmer. Is great, great blades, a cordless engine with a 40 minutes autonomy and 1 hour of recharge. You can also find it by US$ 50 out of promotional sales so is up to your tidiness to get one of those lasting for a long while in your hands.


Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

Norelco is a big name when it comes to shavers, and so does when it comes to beard trimmers. This beard trimmer actually is the answer of Philips for the missing qualities of their multidirectional shavers with circular blades, which can’t trim beards, sideburns and moustache lines.

The Norelco trimmer is nonetheless a great option like the Braun one for being quite compact, however, it may even be way too much compact or excessive. There are 20 different ajdustments you can perform with only one comb head. Think for a minute. How much difference could it make a 2mm trim from a 3mm one. Yes, duh, 1 mm, but is that noticeable? Is up to you. If you are a detail freak and really thinks 1 mm more or less makes a lot of difference, you got it buddy! This Norelco offers all that, just be aware once again about the fragility of the switching sizes pin.

This model is also developed with a rolling speed interface. Instead of clicking you roll the switch from 1 speed to another. And there is also a lock mechanism for safety. This model is a little bit less expensive ( US$ 40 ) so it can be a great choice.


Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

Gillette is a quite common name among razor blades but they never were too much successful with shavers or beard trimmers. The irony here is, this Gillette model is just a success because they teamed up with Braun who developed a motor engine trimmer for the brand and offers it in a compact kit with the Gillette razors for men who like to keep their beard as well simple like this kit.

The Fusion Proglide Styler trimmer has great blades especially for defining moustache lines and sideburns, while the comb lengths are demure, made for men who like to keep their beard tidy but short. There are 3 different attachable combs, which is another pro of this kit, and when you want to just define lines you can use the blades in full. The combo with Gillete razor blades – that can be attached in the same device – is a great concept since trimmers can be dangerous to shave the beard. But all this wouldn’t be great if the combo wasn’t as cheap as it is. You can get this team of blades for only US$ 20.


Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer

Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and MustacheConair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer[/easyazon_image]This Conair model is like the Wahl on the top of our list but just with a little bit less of sophistication, something that doesn’t affect actually the quality of the product. The beard trimmers comes with 5 different attachable combs, 3 for the jawline definition, aka, the size of the beard itself, and one especially for men who grow only moustache and a extra one for trimming nose hair. All this for only US$ 11 on promotional sales.

The fact it is so cheap is because the body of the trimmer is made of plastic, so you have to be careful. Once it falls on the floor chances it will be all broken are big. But you are getting what you are paying for. This beard trimmer offers a lot of things for very few and is the best middle ground between cost-benefit and variety of options for trimming your beard.


Remington Mb 320 C Beard Trimmer ‘Barba’

The also called Remington Mb 320 C is one the fanciest trimmers of the famous Remington. So fancy they are some of the most expensive trimmers out there. Remington kinda charges some respectful amount for their products because they are really very high quality and have great autonomy, is the Rayovac company after all, so this cordless model won’t disappoint you at all: battery offers 60 minutes of use with the same amount of time for recharge. This beard trimmer might seem too simple for some who consider US$ 150 way too much for a cordless trimmer with a standard set of combs, but it is a powerful machine.

Like the Braun and Norelco models, the comb length is adjustable, though the comb here has many less options – 5 different sets. On the other hand, the comb switch here is much more reliable and resilient, perhaps that’s other reason why it is so expensive. Is not about switching pins, is about rolling the comb up and down with firmness. This model is quite well reviewed but much more popular in the UK where it is quite affordable ( £ 25) and that’s why we included it in the end of our list. Is up to you to spend more money and get something more sophisticated. The Barba model is greatly rated by customers (4 and a half stars rate around the web), so that says something about your investment here.


Tips When Choosing your Best Beard Trimmer  

Sometimes it might be excessive, but for people who love to rank products and get to a firm and crystal clear decision on what is best, being draconian about your market research is great. So here goes some tips for you.

1- Check the availability of the beard trimmer in your location. Sometimes models that are only US$ 30 might end up costing US$ 50 or US$ 60 with transportation fees, in that case you can consider other options for the same price that are more fancy and available in your region.

2- Be sure the seller is offering also the maintenance oil that these machines require. ALL the models above include the oil bottle for maintenance. And be sure the product is brand new.

3- If you wanna do a test drive of these machines, is not a bad idea to check barber shops that use some of the trimmers. Book a visit and get your beard trimmed with a professional and the desired trimmer, this is a great way to see what great professionals can do with one of these guys in hands and later, you.

4- For last, bear in mind that beard trimmers are not bound to be cordless machines. This can be very convenient and handy, but is not really a necessity, especially if you like to keep your beard short and will trim it very often, better to just stick with one of the corded models of our list.

Match your Beard and Your Pockets

From all these great options you can see all of them have something to offer others might have not, and that’s why, despite we have a winner here, it doesn’t mean it is the only option you should pursue, for example: if US$ 50 is too much for you, because you like your beard quite simple and neat and doesn’t have to spend that much on it,  the Gillette model would be much better, even the Conair one especially if you don’t care about the looks of the machine.

On the other hand, if you are not intending to keep a beard trimmer for several decades in a row, which is the deadline of the switching mechanism of combs, you have nothing to fear buying some of the fanciest models from Braun or Norelco and, finally, if you want something “standardish” but quite sophisticated and high quality and with outstanding autonomy, you can go with the Remington one.

Just bear in mind that, in fact, beard trimmers are not made to stick with you forever when technology is always making great improvements every year, so is up to your budget and of course, beard’s needs to pick up the best choice for your taste.

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