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Epilady Epiflex Review

Epilady is a brand that is growing in popularity in the last years, doing quite well compared to other renowned brands of epilators like Braun or Panasonic. One of the merits of the brand is its focused manufacturing of machines for women, so their epilators are increasingly

Braun SE 5280 Silk Epil 5 Epilator With Ice Glove

Quick Epilating without pain, long lasting results and silk and beautiful skin . What sounds like an unrealistic promise of advertising is the new Braun silk-épil 5 from Braun.The 5280 Epilator Xelle legs & body turned that promise into reality. This Epilator was not named one of

Your Guide to the Best Mustache Wax in 2015

The mustache is back in fashion- every hipster worth their salt can now be seen sporting some kind of facial topiary, and the mustache typically forms the focal point of this. With that has come a revived need for mustache wax. Gone are the Victorian and Edwardian

Epilady Legend Epilator Review

Epilady is not a top notch brand out there if you compare their products with most refined brands like Panasonic or Braun, but their products are far from being crappy or a waste of money, especially this model which is quite popular. The great thing about the

Panasonic Epilglide ULTRA Epilator Review

Epilglide is a very unusual kind of epilator developed by Panasonic that differentiates from many other models, not only the Panasonic ones: they designed an epilator that resembles rotary shavers, three different faces to cover more area and get the job finished faster. That is at least

Remington Smooth and Silky EP6010 Review

The American brand of electronics has a story of success with their Smooth and SIlky models of epilators. This line of machines have been around for over 10 years and the EP6010 is one of the most effective models Remington developed, not that long ago by the

Best Trimmer for Men in 2017

Sorry ladies but men do need special treatment when it comes to hair much more than you do, that’s why we compiled a list with the best trimmer for men because we really need special equipment to get rid of our much uglier body hair and we