Best Bikini Trimmer for 2014-2015

Best Bikini TrimmerBikini trimmer is something that every women should have so we will help you chose best bikini trimmer .When you are depilating – or epilating – nothing you usually make use of for shaving random hair in the legs and other parts of the body is applicable to shave the bikini zones. Intimate zones in the groin are not only more delicate but also smaller, so you really need the ideal tools to make it work in ways you won’t get hurt or make your bikini shaving session an aesthetic tragedy.

Best Bikini Trimmer Comparison Chart


Though you might have seen many times here suggestions of shaving and epilating machines and read their reviews , buying a machine that is specific only for bikini depilation is not a waste of money, it is actually a way for you to save it if you already have a good shaving/epilating machine that is just perfect for other parts of the body but doesn’t include a trimmer head.

Bikini trimmers are quite simple shavers, they are smaller, lighter and of course, cheaper. Another benefit of having your exclusive bikini trimmer machine is the fact, as simple and little they are, you can take them everywhere at ease, different from many electric razors and epilators that might be small but are still bigger. Are you going to the pool, is already shaved or depilated but the bikini zones need a retouch? Better carry only a bikini trimmer than a whole electric shaver.

These are our choices for Best Bikini Trimmers with reviews


There are also great razors that you can use for bikini area  but we are going to see today only the electric ones since we are looking for the best products and when we mean the best, we also consider the amount of time you’ll spend to get it done, and electric machines are total winners.

Philips HP6376 Bikini Perfect Bikini Trimmer, White/Pink


The first item on our list is our choice for best bikini trimmer.HP6376 Precision is made by Philips, which is an authority doing resilient and precise machines as proves their bikini trimmer. This bikini shaver is rated 4 stars on Amazon, costs around 40 dollars and is the lightest (3.2lbs) of our suggestions for women who are looking for something really easy to handle.
But of course, being lite is not the only attribute of this machine. With few resources they provide you a bikini trimmer that comes with a system of LED lights attached and a mirror, so you can see better all little hairs down there with precision. Also, this products is designed for both eyebrow and bikini lines, so you will have more than one set of tweezers to shave the hair in the length you want.


As a portable product, it works cordless with small AAA 1.5v batteries. Only one is required and you can use for a very long time. Though this kind of non-rechargeable battery takes money from you buying new AAA after a while,

it gives you freedom to make it work whenever there are batteries available. Many shavers and epilators with trimmers heads that are cordless have to have their batteries completely charged to work as they won’t work plugged on power source. So, once again, this is much better than recharging for over 1 hour your shaver or epilator just to have 15 minutes of a bikini line definition session.


Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver

This second suggestion is not simply a bikini trimmer, but a intimate shaver perfect to define and shave all intimate and delicate zones of the body, including face. Produced by the Japanese Seiko brand, it is also a 4 star rated product with over 200 different reviews, and despite costing a little bit more than our previous suggestion ( it costs 25 dollars at Amazon) the tweezers of this bikini trimmers are really high quality and known for shaving off really all kinds of hairs it will face while you slide it over your skin. Simple like that and without any extra attachments to make it more perfect.

The Japanese design of this trimmer is quite small, specially made like that so it can get as closer as possible to the skin, a product thought and designed specially for women. It won’t pinch or break hair and can be easily cleaned up. Though is important to notice the trimmer tweezers should not be washed as well as the product – and most bikini trimmers – is not waterproof.

It also work with AAA batteries and already has one included with product!


Panasonic Bikini Trimmer

Panasonic is really famous for their electric shavers, specially for men, and they did not wrong with women since the brand has quite popular products designed specially for female skins and needs, like this bikini trimmer. This is highest rated product at Amazon, a 4 and a half stars rate with almost 700 hundred reviews. However, it is our most robust product though it is not the most expensive at least, 20 dollars and perhaps offers more personalization options. The trimmer head has 5 different positions so you can shave hair of many different kinds, as well as the head is pivoting and will adjust angles to get hair with precision.

Another great addition of this model, which really doesn’t show in others, as well as most bikini trimmers, is the stainless steel hypo-allergenic blades. Since we are talking about sensitive zones, many women might be used and not bothered at all, others however might face more irritations in the zone. If you don’t want to take the risk or already knows your skin is susceptible to allergies, this is for sure the best guy of the list.

On the other hand, as it is a robust bikini trimmer, it is not that much economic when it comes to consuming energy. It requires two AAA batteries and they will work for only 45 minutes in full, but of course this will depend on how much time you take to do your bikini zones and how much of a con you consider the fact you’ll have to often buy new sets of batteries.

Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer (Pink) with AAA Batteries & Fiber Cleaning Cloth

It might seem we are trying to sell out Panasonic products at any cost to you but we could not let to mention also another Panasonic model that is 4 star rated, cheap and lighter than the model mentioned previously.

You should take a look on this model if you are looking, or needing, something more simple from the brand. This pivoting trimmer is an eyebrow and bikini trimmer, with a very small and simple line of blades, like the Japanese model produced by Seiko. And of course, it works as good a the previous Panasonic model but is easier to handle.

This model is great if you really are looking for something easy to handle and doesn’t need anything too much sophisticated to define your bikini line, being quite useful and handy for women with few or thin hair in the groins. Also, it requires of course less energy and batteries to work, using only 1 AAA battery.

Thought, the most appealing thing about it – and something the other models that are simple did not have – is the pivoting head, which will make bikini line definition even faster to be performed. The groin zone can be tricky specially if you are shaving in certain positions your skin bend and shrink. Non pivoting heads are not helpfull for women who are doing this in a rush or for the first time, and a pivoting head won’t force or pinch anything that is not hair once it ajdust to the surface and will adapt to curves.

How to Chose Best Bikini Trimmer :  Know Your Body

bikini trimmerOur tips for you to choose the ideal bikini trimmer are about the knowledge of bikini trimmers you must have before you complete your purchase, and that is also about how your body works and the kind of hair and skin you have. Bikini trimmers are not designed to make a complete shave of the zone, like men using shavers to reduce the volume of their beards, so if you have few hair you can use the lightest models because you’ll get the job done faster than usual.

Thicker hair also will benefit more from potent trimmers, like the Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper so it will be better if you buy a model like this instead a simpler one because you might take more time with others and spend the same amount of energy from batteries, but will lose time.

Also, have in mind you can make a combo of already owned shavers and epilators with your bikini trimmer. If you do not some of the former, you should consider if you are planning to do Brazillian or French shave as these techniques don’t require actually a waxing depilation session and your bikini trimmer won’t perform alone the task to remove all your hair easily and fast.

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