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best epilator for menHow to find Best epilator for Men ?? When it comes to epilating a man’s skin, things are even harder than it is for women to perform the task. We have in general thicker skins, larger and stronger pores, as well as thicker body hair, not to mention of course the bigger amount of hair and faster hair growth. So, epilating all of it with the conditions nature gave men, is not really a forgettable experience because, overall, men are less resistant when it comes to pain, that’s why we don’t give birth!

The game here is against you, but there are some great options in the market if you are planning to start using epilator instead of shaving or depilation. Also, to remove body hair, the best of all options in fact is the epilation while shaving comes with the burden to endure very thick hair growing back and depilation using wax and other kind of abrasive substances provides pain even greater than the pulling of hair with tweezer machines.


What to look for when trying to find best epilator for men

The rule number one when it comes to finding best epilators for men is the number of tweezers, so all the models we are going to see here are the ones with the best output of quality and tweezers’ number.Once men have much more hair than woman, to make this task faster, to avoid greater and longer pain requires machines with as much as possible tweezers. The more you have, the faster hair removal goes and the sooner it ends.

On the other hand, the market is not that flattering to men’s skin when it comes to epilation, so we will sum up the best epilators you can find to do this yourself and avoid other kind of alternatives to remove body hair.We did extensive research from technical stand point while making this list but we have also read customer reviews and listened to their opinions before we made our list

Our Top 4 choices of best epilators for men

Emjoi’s Emagine For Men

We will start with the Emjoi’s AP-18MS Emagine epilator, the only model developed exclusively for men so far in the market so its not really a hard choice to make this best epilator for men. Yes guys, we are being underrated, but since there is no competition, we will have to stick to it and analyze our only option to see if it matches our purposes.

First things first. What makes it really unique is the number of tweezers developed for this machine. It is so far the model who got the most tweezers in the market, and that’s because, as we mentioned before, men have more hair and the point is to remove hair as fast as possible. Many women also use it as the agility of the method is always welcome, doesn’t matter the gender. Tough, the more tweezers also, the more expensive it is.

This epilator is around $85 dollars, not a fortune but still a bit expensive since it doesn’t include any extra accessories like attachable heads or a battery and It only works connected to a power source. Though, it is developed with silver ions technology, an antimicrobial feature preventing irritation and inflammations like folliculitis. Men have bigger pores and the exposition to bacterias will be bigger than it happens to women. So this feature is really welcomed.

It does have an average rating on sites like, however, you might take into account most men don’t know exactly what to do when it comes to pull out your hair from the root. A female version of this same model has a quite positive review, proving something is wrong on how most man handle it. But let’s be understanding, your review would be also somehow grumpy after a torture session since we don’t praise the torturer.

The female version of the Emjoi’s Emagine epilator has subtle differences. The color is red and the shape is smoother, as well as the head of the tweezers cap is smaller. Apart from that, is the same Emagine, a little less handy for usually men’s big hands. If this is not your problem, it might be a better purchase because this model is cheaper than the Emagine for men in some web stores.

Panasonic’s ES-WD54

If you are looking for more flexible options, this Panasonic model could be a good choice. It surely doesn’t have as much tweezers as the Emagine, but on the other hand, the amount of tweezers is not poor.There are 48 tweezers and to make things better, you can use it also as a shaver. This last option comes as a attachable head. You can switch between the tweezers and the shaver head.

However, the big difference here is the possibility to epilate with dry or wet methods, opposed to Emagine which is only for dry epilation. This is possible because this model is waterproof and you can wash the machine and the heads in running water. Even if you are choosing to do a dry method, the cleaning later will be much more efficient and hygienic using water and some kind of soap.

Also, it is cordless! You can use it either on battery or connected to the power source. The pack also includes three different head caps for different body zones. Though this is more useful for women, you can for sure find a use to it, especially if you are going to use it for hair removal around genitals and other sensitive and hard to reach zones.

Other interesting feature is the dual face of the tweezer’s cap. It is really welcome when it comes to epilate zones of the body where the skin is not too much rigid, like the armpits or even the groin and legs around this zone. To avoid the need to stretch your skin, the dual face already does that for you.

Braun Silk-épil 5 5780

This Braun model is one of the most complete and praised ones in the market so it can definately enter our top 3 choices for best epilator for men. It doesn’t have either too much tweezers (40), but it comes as well with a shaver head and other 4 different cap heads, as well as a cooler glove to soothe the skin after the epilation. It is also recommended for men because it ease the pain with many special features.

Braun models are often quite versatile and efficient, no wonder they get the best reviews on many sites like This is another option with a good number of heads and exclusive, sophisticated special features on the shape of the braun to make the epilation more comfortable.

The tweezers’ head has a pivoting head, so the pull is softer and harmonic as it slides over your skin. The rollers also vibrate, massaging the skin and alleviating the discomfort. Plus, it includes a SoftLift Tips function to lift hairs and make the pull more precise, a function welcomed for men who are quite hairy and would have a hard time to let all those hairs standing still to be pulled off.

The cooler glove will be very useful if you are still feeling pain and your skin is irritated. The glove has an icy fluid that will anesthetize the skin as it closes the pores avoiding inflammations. This is the must-have model for men who are possibly really going to suffer when trying to epilate.

And to provide even better results for men with fair hair, the Silk-épil 5 comes along a special LED light that will help you to see if there is any survivor left and grab it out! The light can be turned on or off, thought this model only works connected directly on the power source, so it doesn’t matter too much.

Like the Panasonic model, this Braun epilator also is waterproof as all the heads are detachable and washable either attached or not.


Our last suggestion is this compact model developed also by Emjoi. It is an interesting try because the price is small compared to the other models and, different from the last two ones, it comes with a big range of tweezers. The eRase has a cap head of 60 tweezers, so the epilation with this machine will be faster, only behind the Emagine model.

It has the same Emjoi technology of pulling tweezers, as well as it works with two different options and is a quite small and lite model to handle. Once again, big hands might have trouble with it somehow, but the lite weight is a compensation when it comes to men quite hairy.

After 30 minutes epilating, any conventional machine starts to weight a ton, so this model can help to speed up the method and avoid you losing your patience if there are too many zones to cover up.

It also comes with one smaller attachable cap head for the epilation on sensitive or hard to reach zones. This is the basic thing for you to get started. If your budget is not that flexible right now, it could be all you need.

This models doesn’t work with a battery source, so you will have to handle also with the power source cable attached.


Tips on how to use epilators for men

As women often report, the more you do epilation sessions the less you feel the pain. Probably because you get used to the discomfort and becomes more resistant to the burden. However, anything that could help you feel less pain, the best! And you can take some measures to avoid it before you turn on the machine and start the pulling session.

Do not consume caffeine or nicotine at least 5 hours before you do the epilation. These two villains make the skin much more sensitive and often tattooers recommend to avoid them before the applications. Here the issue is the same, you have to desensitize your skin.


  •          Take a hot shower right before you start and get dry also with hot towels. This will let your skin softer and the pores will be more opened, less resistant to the pulling, letting the hair go easier.
  •          Use baby powder on the zones you are going to epilate. This helps the hair to stand still and be easily grabbed by the tweezers, avoiding it to break or be pulled out on uncomfortable positions.
  •          Analgesics are all welcome. Hell yeah. Even paracetamol might help, but of course, that always depends on how much sensitive someone’s skin is.


After using epilator for hair removal, it  is strongly recommended to do an exfoliation session. You can do that by your own for example, using Salicylic acid based products and a hardened sponge. Other tip is to use aftershave lotions with Salicylic acid as they have very strong concentrations of this substance that clear the pores from any dead skin debris.

This is to prevent ingrowing hair and Folliculitis, inflammations that might bother you for days after the epilation. Taking a cold shower after the exfoliation is also essential to put your pores back to the state they were before. Closed tight. Also, don’t ever forget to keep your epilator clean, this kind of issues on the next sessions.

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