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We have many different options to remove unwanted hair these days. Shaving. Using epilators. Treating the hair with laser beams. Ripping the hair off the skin with wax strips or using gel cream. And then there are hair removal creams.

Some people think that those creams don’t work well, and thus never even try them. Fact is that there are indeed creams that don’t work, or only work on half of your unwanted hair. But we will not talk about those. What we will talk about is the best hair removal cream and its two very good competitors (or in one case a supplemental product). What they have in common is that they do work, and they do so quickly. You don’t have to waste quarter of an hour on each leg, then another ten minutes on your arm pits etc. With these skin care products you get nice, smooth skin within minutes. And the best is that these results usually last around a week (unless your hair grows super fast).


How do the best creams for hair removal work?


The theory behind the process of removing hair with  our choice of best cream (and the runner ups) is not that hard to understand even though it’s a bit more complex than shaving but also much better as you dont have to use any shave gel or razors and also you dont have to be worried about ingrown hairs. The creams work by “killing” the shaft of the hair. This happens with chemical ingredients called depilatories. The only thing you have to do is put the cream on your skin, wait a few minutes (read the instructions), and then remove the cream and the loose hair with a sponge or spatula, depending on what has been supplied with the product you bought.


The best hair removal cream:  Veet Sensitive Skin Cream Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

VeetOur experience is that the best cream out of many hair removal products is Veet Sensitive Skin . As the name suggests, the cream does not only have chemical ingredients that attack your unwanted hair, but also the great nutrients Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Those two work wonders for your skin, and you will notice that your skin will be very, very smooth after you have used Veet Sensitive .

What I like about this cream is that it has a nearly 100% success rate, and after applying the cream, you only have to wait about five minutes until you can remove it again. Your skin will not only be smooth, but it’ll feel silky to the touch. It’s almost like a spa treatment, but doesn’t cost anywhere close as much.

While we count Veet Sensitive Skin  as the best cream for hair removal for your body (including your bikini line), we would not recommend it for your face.


Runner-up 1: Avon Skin-so-Soft Facial Cream (fresh & Smooth)

Avon Skin-so-Soft Facial CreamAnd because our favourite cream isn’t suitable for your face (unless you are really brave), I use Avon’s Skin-so-Soft Cream for that purpose.

It comes in a tube that makes the applying of the cream really hassle-free. The whole process of getting rid of those stray facial hairs shouldn’t take you longer than five minutes (which includes application and removal of the product).

The ingredients soy protein and willow bard make sure that your facial skin will be soft after the application, and they also work as a balance to the chemical ingredients.This hair removal cream also works great on bikini area as well.


Runner-up 2: Louis Marcel Hair Removal Cream – Face & Bikini Line

Louis Marcel Hair Removal CreamLouis Marcel Hair Remover Cream – Face & Bikini Line might say in its name that it’s for the face and bikini line, but it is in general the perfect cream for people with really sensitive skin. If you usually shy away from using creams because they make your skin react badly, then this might be the ideal solution for you.

Louis Marcel Cream uses Calendula and Witch Hazel, which are great for your skin. The chemical ingredients are also kept to a minimum, enough to attack your hair but not enough to attack your skin. While it might not work 100% on your body, if you have very thick hair, it is definitely worth a go for sensitive skin. You simply have to repeat the process if you aren’t satisfied with the result. It’ll still be faster than shaving or other methods of hair removal.


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