Best shaving cream for women: Our Top 3 Choices

Best shaving cream for womenLooking for a good shaving cream for women is not that simple as you believe. Even if we are not dealing with the removal of hair from the face, the legs and armpits skin are not that much different in women and might have some complication like an aftershave in the face so you carefully have to choose best cream for women. You should not use anything that is simply able to provide bubbles and foam to shave hair, specially if you are going to trim bikini lines. Though we will give you a tip of a shaving cream with lather, they are really not your best friends if you have a too sensible skin and is actually a little bit of a let down you cannot find easily in the market products developed specially for women to shave legs.

Firstly, a good shaving cream must provide an hydrant formula during and after the shaving to let your skin smooth and out of harm and irritations. Also, the use of creams has the purpose to soften the hair and make it more easy to shave without breaking them.

There are some tips you should however take under consideration when you are going to pick your ideal shaving cream. There are some formulas that include some aggressive solutions like alcohol or perfumes. Most shaving creams have a scent, but this is really not recommended because, perfumes have not only one, but many different kinds of alcohols composing their formula. Women who have more oily skin don’t have to bother too much about it because the skin is more protected. However, you can’t predict how much aggressive is the alcohol concentration and, simply, the problem here is the dehydration of the skin caused by this substance. Even oily skins might face problems when there is too much concentrated alcohol, because the more oil you take from this kind of skin, the more it will produce to compensate. The body understands the removal as an aggression and will promptly work to “repair” it.

Women who have dry skin will be even worst because the skin will simply break and crack as there is few production of oil and the body can’t compensate at all. You skin will release layers of dead skin, this might obstruct porous and cause irritation and infections. So, if you never tried shaving creams before, avoid the scented ones. If you already did and have no problems, just pay attention to how much concentrated is the scented formula.

Best Shaving Cream for Women : Our Top Choices

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Unscented

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream UnscentedThis cream is originally developed for unisex use, and mostly men used it in the begginig because the brand is male oriented. However, many women find out about it because it has a powerful formula to keep facial skin smooth and hydrated, so you can imagine the wonders it does on your legs, armpits and bikini zones. This cream is very concentrated and you must mix with water to make it smooth and spreadable.

And of course, has no scent, no perfume, alcohol free.

The Art of Shaving has several fancy products for shaving, though most of them are made for men. However, they are really sophisticated and humiliate brands who develop products specially for women because competition is not pair for them. All ingredients are top notch substances providing a refined result after shaving. No wonder, this 150g cream costs $25 at Amazon, and is a 4 and a half stars rated product. You should read women’s reviews on their page so you will understand this is really serious business.


Kiss My Face Moisture Shave, Fragrance Free

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave, Fragrance FreeKiss My Face is really famous because they do a lot of cheap creams with a very good quality. This version is the alcohol, fragrance free one, and is also a 4 and a half stars rated shaving cream. Though, it is a thin cream, has 100ml and costs around $4 dollars, but seems to get over soon because of the non concentrated formula. However, this is really a good call because it is developed specially for all customers who complained about hashes and irritations with the scented products. So apart from being alcohol free, it also has antisceptic ingredients and lots of hydrants, including the addition of vitamins A and E.

Lady Cremo Shave Cream [/easyazon_link]

Cremo Cream LadyThis shaver is developed by Cremo and has very subtle perfume on the formula, a smell of coconut because there is original coconut oil used in the formula in little concentration – that’s why it is a relatively cheap shaving cream, $9 at Amazon, because coconut oil is expensive.

This one has alcohol in little concentrations, so it is your call if your skin is not that sensible and can endure this kind of substances, as well as we are recommending one of the most lite ones with these aggressive elements.

This is a cream and is not about producing foam. What most women don’t realize is the fact foam has more air than liquids, so the chances of your skin get in bad shape are bigger. This Cream Lady is really a cream, highly concentrated, so it will require very few doses for you to perform the shaving, different from lather based creams and different from the Kiss My Face product which is a thin cream.

Their formula is a hyper-secret. It is extremely hydrant and works perfectly with razor blades or electric shavers. You just have to apply very few and squeeze a huge amount of water – compared with the amount of cream – to make the cream thiner and spreadable. And voilá. The aftershave already leaves your skin hydrated and ready for the go.


Know Your Skin Well when in search for Best Shaving Cream

Once again, you cannot predict too much how your skin will respond to alcohol and other aggressive substances, so is always good to try things. The option with perfume is a good call for your experiment, not too expensive and one of the least aggressive as possible.

If you don’t want to take your chances to fail, always stick to the unscented ones. Remember always shaving is an aggressive action towards your body, so you must always have in mind the less harmful ways to do it. Keep your skin very clean at least the next 2 days after shaving, performing one exfoliation with substances like salycilic acid or glycolic acid.We hope you will find our top choices usefull when it comes to chosing best shaving cream for women.

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