Best Trimmer for Men in 2017

best trimmer for men 2015Sorry ladies but men do need special treatment when it comes to hair much more than you do, that’s why we compiled a list with the best trimmer for men because we really need special equipment to get rid of our much uglier body hair and we will even see in this list alternatives to remove hair from our back!

Even if it seems more simple for men to keep the body hair in shape with electric shavers – or even disposable ones – the truth is, men have much more hair than women to deal with and sometimes just a shaver is not enough to keep your looks neat. We already talked about best bikini trimmers for women, how important they are to define bikini lines for example, though if men do not have exactly to worry about it – unless your swimsuit is quite short and showy, then yeah, you have to worry – men have hair in many other annoying places as well as we need to keep the standard ones looking good more often.
That beard that grows out of symmetry because sometimes, nature just doesn’t provide homogeneous hair lines to everybody, or the monstrous hair nose that start to grow after certain age and will never flinch back, not to mention the ear hair only some men have.

These Are our Pick for Best Trimmer for Men

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Trimmer

Panasonic is a total champ when it comes to electric machines for beauty treatment. Some of the best epilators and shavers in the market are developed by the brand, so is no surprise one of the best trimmer for men in the market is a Panasonic product. This ER-GN30-K trimmer is really a man thing, developed specially to trim facial hair that is the kind of bother no man wants to deal with.

If you are looking for a trimmer that will pull out nose and ear hair, as well as specific local hair out of place growing in your face, this is really the way to go. This trimmer is developed with the vortex dual-edged kind of blade system, it is perfect to fit inside nasal cavity with no hurt or pull. This kind of system is not just great to shave hair nose, but it will work really wood to trim facial in many other applications. You can define beard lines, specially mustache ones with subtle and precise moves, something conventional shavers will provide with some kind of challenge for you to handle such big blades.

The vortex design is also great to trim the ear hair and even define eyebrow tips or remove local hair from moles, it has to be subtle and delicate because trimmers are there exactly to fix these manly little flaws.

Apart from the vortex system, the blades of the model are also made with stainless steel hypoallergenic edged, 60 degrees curved. The hypoallergenic feature is really important specially when you are going to trim hair nose. You don’t want to end up with ingrown hair inside your nose and feeling you are 15 years old again like if pimples are back in your face, and somewhere you can’t even tap and deal with. If you are looking for defining your eyebrows with the machine, just the same, because hair in the brow regions can as well get infected and will be even uglier.

Is also important to note that the 60 degrees wide range of the blades will not only cut by the sides but also all over the head of the trimmer, so you can use it literally as a pen to define lines on your beard with accurate precision. For the eyebrows, this is great to keep them separate and keep you from looking like a moth caterpillar is living in your forehead. They were born split lets keep them split! This is really useful if your hair in the region is lite so you can shave and it will look smooth – otherwise you better use the old fashioned manual tweezer because no trimmer on heart will hide the roots of thick hair in your face.


Vortex Cleaning System

cleaningTo match the curved design, the blades can be cleaned up quite easily and with the best of the technologies. The Vortex system allows you to wash the trimmer blades with running water and this is one of the features that also make this machine one of the best trimmer for men.
Water will slide down inside the trimmer in a vortex movement and will be eliminated from the head of the machine by the base, doing a complete turnaround that will avoid any kind of hair is left behind inside the trimmer proliferating bacterias.

We don’t have to say the trimmer is, of course, fit to perform wet and dry trimming, so you can even apply foam or lotions that would make it easier to shave hair if you wish so.

Simple Battery AA

batteryThe best trimmer for men are lite and precise, they are not shavers at all so you won’t need a robust battery system to make them work, as well as you need a lite product to handle over your face. The Panasonic ER-GN30-K works with 1 simple AA batteries and can last for a long while since the motor is subtle and delicate to put to work these practical and small blades. Each AA battery can put the trimmer to work for up to 90 minutes.

Total Economy

Most trimmers are not expensive machines because they are very simple, and so does ER-GN30-K. To sum up the qualities of this little treasure, it costs only 20 dollars on retailers like Amazon, but you can find it on promotional sale for even less, up to 14 dollars. This Panasonic trimmer is rated 4 and half stars on stores like Amazon, from over 4500 thousand different customers. Nonetheless a hit you can trust.


Philips Norelco QT4014/42 BeardTrimmer 3500

Our second runner up is a little more limited when it comes to trimmer facial hair, developed specially for beard trimming, on the other hand, this is really one of the best trimmer for men when it comes to beard trimming, a true artisan tool to make your beard look just the way you want it to be with perfection, that’s why this model is even much more expensive than the Panasonic one, costing around 70 dollars and working with rechargeable batteries.

The Philips Norelco has several automatic settings for the length of the blades, that’s why you can make a really neat work on your beard. You can choose a specific set of length and always use it whenever you are going to shave again to finish the job. The trimmer also has a locking system, so after you adjust the settings, you can be sure you won’t starting trimming with one length in a side of your face and end up with a different one in the other.

The feature of auto-adjustment is also great so you won’t need to handle several different attachments to have a specific length, as well as you will have only one trimmer head to clean up later.
And you can clean it up with water without fears. The blades are also made of titanium making it waterproof, as well as the sharpness will last for much longer. This is nonetheless important to keep a smooth trimming job as the years goes by because trimmers cannot have their blades changed. And yeah, titanium foils are hypoallergenic. Complementing this anti-allergies system, the tips of the blades grid are rounded, so you can trim it with no worries to hurt yourself.

And a product as fancy as it is, it won’t work with simple batteries. You really need to put it to charge and it will work cordless, but the great thing is, you only need 1 hour of recharge to get 90 minutes of work, which is more than the double of efficiency compared to epilators and shavers that take 6 hours to recharge and will work for only 45 minutes.

No surprise that the Norelco trimmer by Philips is also a 4 and a half stars rated product on Amazon, for beard sculptors, this is really the guy.


MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver with 2 Shock Absorber Flex Heads, Power Hinge, Extreme Reach Handle and Power Burst

To finish our list, many men wonder if the only option for them to remove the so feared and hated body hair from the back is facing painful waxing sessions. Well, no. Though trimming your body hair will be just like shaving your beard, this is a solution that is getting quite popular among men.

This Mangroomer trimmer is a groomer with wide length arms, it does look funny at first glance but well, lets think, you want to do this on your own rather than ask your partner to see your ugly furry back, so the Mangroomer provides you independency and freedom to do it yourself.

It comes with 2 different trimmer heads so you can interchange them depending on how thick, coarse or thin is the hair you are targeting. The handle has personalized and lockable length so you can adjust it for whatever distance you want the trimmer to reach on your back.

This trimmer is also rated 4 and a half stars on Amazon and has a patented, exclusive design.

Pick Your Priority When Choosing Best Trimmer

As you can see, there is a lot of different design when it comes to the best trimmer for men and since we have hair everywhere in our bodies, you might have to stick with one or other option depending on what you want, or if you are one furry beauty, you can stick to all of them and get your body hair always in shape.

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