The Best Waxing Products For You – Our Top 3 choices

What kind of waxing products do exist?

The best waxing products for youWaxing products come in two different categories: hard wax (usually on strips) and soft wax (which you have to heat up and then apply with a spatula or a provided device) so its pretty hard to chose best waxing products with all these choices. In general, you can say that hard wax is good for sensitive areas while soft wax is best used for larger areas of your body, e.g. your legs. This doesn’t mean though that you have to buy different products for different parts of your body. It is just a warning: soft wax might be a bit more painful for sensitive areas and also more of a hassle to apply.

When you choose the best waxing products for yourself, you need to take into account what you would like to use the wax hair removal kits for. Do you just want to find a quicker way to remove the hair on your legs, or are you looking for a solution for your bikini line?


The best product for waxing: MOOM 100% organic tea tree hair removal kit for all skin types

The best product for waxing: MOOM 100% organic tea tree hair removal kit for all skin types[/easyazon_image]From time to time, I try different products, but MOOM’s organic tree tea wax is the product I always return to because it’s hard to beat. I also like the fact that all the ingredients in this wax are sourced from organic sources and have not been tested on animals at all.

MOOM is a lot gentler than other waxes (in theory it is not 100% wax). The idea behind MOOM’s hair removal is that your skin gets pampered while your hair gets ripped out. If you would like to have nice smooth legs (or arms, or a bikini line, etc.) without having to fork out money on wax and extra creams, MOOM is the right product for you because it combines the hair removal process with care for your skin.

MOOM is even better if you use it over a longer time, because when you stick to this brand, your hair will grow back a lot finer after a while.

An environmentally friendly product that is effective when it comes to removing unwanted hair and is good for your skin at the same time. What more could you want?

Runner up 1: Salon System Just Wax Portable Roller Wax Kit

Runner up 1: Salon System Just Wax Portable Roller Wax Kit [/easyazon_image]Even though this waxing product could easily also be called the best, it did not quite make it to the top because I just like MOOM best of all.

What makes this wax hair removal kit for at home stand out is that it is actually a product that is used by professionals. It actually is described as a kit for beauty students and beauticians – but more and more women and men who started to use waxing at home, also discovered this portable roller wax kit. It makes the removal of unwanted hair very easy – and it brings the feeling of being in a beauty salon right into your home, but at a much cheaper price.

Runner up 2: Rio Total Body Waxing Hair Removal Kit

Runner up 2: Rio Total Body Waxing Hair Removal Kit[/easyazon_image]The Rio Total Body Waxing Hair Removal Kit is not on the same professional level as the runner up 1, nor is it full of organic goodness, but it has the advantage that the application of the wax is very easy. Even beginners who have never used waxing products before should not have a problem with using this wax hair removal kit.

Another advantage is that you can use it on any kind of hair, no matter whether it’s thin, medium-fine or thick hair. You might only want to keep the wax away from more sensitive areas of your body because it might be rather painful.

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