The Hollywood waxing

holllywood waxingThe Hollywood waxing is often mistaken by the Brazilian waxing because they both are similar in style. However, the former is more radical. If you don't know how Brazilian waxing works, it basically removes almost all hair from your genital zones, from the bum until your delta of Venus, but right there, something is left behind for aesthetic reasons, often, a subtle triangle of hair making justice to the name of the area above the lips, or a straight stream line.  The Hollywood style, however, is let's say, 100% baldness. Everything is removed.

This kind of waxing is often performed for women who really want to go bare, free from any hair instead of just trimming bikini lines and out of interest in shaping subtle forms. Total wax. Women who are already used to do Brazilian waxing won't bother the hurt and probably already know the tricks and tips to perform this kind of waxing in the less painful fashion as possible.

And just like the Brazilian waxing, this kind of procedure requires a lot of skill of the professionals who are going to perform the job. You should not try to do this with any person simply "able" to do it. Total waking procedures require specialist technicians really up for the job and certified, something you can easily find in waxing salons since the services provided in a center like that are serious and reliable.

Another thing women must know about Hollywood waxing is the efforts women will have to do to cooperate with the waxing. It won't be all the time elegant and fancy. To avoid bigger pain, for example, hair in the perianal and perineum regions must be performed while you are on your knees and bending your buttocks up in the air. Like that, skin is much more stretched and exposed, so hair can be pulled with precision.

Is also part of the process to maintain your hair in the region at some specific length. If you often shave or trim it, you should wait until it grows a length big enough. Often the professional who will perform the waxing does trim the hair herself because its required a specific length to apply the wax, not too short, not too long and they often know this ideal length better than requesting you to do it by yourself and maybe cutting too much.


Hollywood Waxing : Before and After

bikini_waxing1There are some measures you have to take seriously before and after doing the waxing. If you have already waxed your legs and felt pain, you can imagine how much more painful it will be on your genital zones. So, first thing of all, in the day of your waxing, do not consume any food or beverages with caffeine and do not smoke or consume anything with nicotine. This couple of drugs makes skin more sensible and they linger for many hours in your body, often takes a whole day to be dissipated from your organism, so just avoid. Instead, you should take common pain killers like Tylenon and specially paracetamol in high doses, like a 750mg pill, half an hour before the session. Also, do not take hot showers or apply any lotions or hydrants of any kind in the region. At the waxing session hot towels will already be used to let your porous dilated. If you do abuse of hot applications in your skin it will get too sensible and provide the opposite effect, more pain, and the hot shower won't help at all since it will happen much earlier than the waxing session, involves water and the removal of the natural protective moisture of the skin.

After all the burden, you have to keep walking on the line and taking caring measures to prevent a series of complication in the aftermath of your waxing. Your skin will be very sensible, the porous exposed and a massive amount of all the natural bacterial flora of your skin gone. The risk to develop little infections in the skin is big and you can have a series of those little pimples that happen when removing hair. In the genital zones they are often more common so be introduced to your best friend: salicylic acid.

You can find it in many soaps and products developed for exfoliation and acne prevention, though, you will want it in the highest doses as possible. There are many after shaving solutions who offer big concentrations of salicylic acid, specially for men beard shaving. One of the most famous is Tendskin, a lot of women know and use this blue solution. Though, it also has alcohol, and this is no good for your skin after waxing. So what you can do? If you can't find solutions without alcohol and other aggressive solutions, you can do your own recipe at home. Aspirins are pure salicylic acid. You can dissolve a card of 12 pills with 50ml of filtered water at the ambient temperature. Another option is to dissolve it on oxygenated water, the one for wounds of course, in the same proportion of 50ml for 12 pills. Apply in the region and let it rest for some 15 minutes, then wash it out with cold or warm water, but not too hot.

Salicylic acid is anti-bacterial and also melt down anything obstructing the porous, like dead skin and the skins own oil, which is food for bacterias. This works like magic but you also have to avoid using underwear made of synthetic materials because you have to let your skin breath. You also should change your pants for the next two or three days every day. Sweat and skin's oil will naturally aggregate to your clothes and since the region will be vulnerable, keep yourself as clean as possible until your defenses are back up and about. And of course, keep taking some paracetamol pills at least one day after, because you know you will need. 

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