Laser Hair Removal – Best 3 Products Reviewed

Laser hair removal reviews will help you to make the right decision about which laser hair removal system to use to remove unwanted hair from your body. There are a few big, and some lesser known, brands that offer hair removal systems that work with lasers – and the prices can range from a few dozen dollars to a few hundred dollars. The difference does not only lie in the price, but also in how suitable each system would be for you. Not all systems work for all skin types, so it is important to buy the right set right from the start.

What is laser hair removal?

laser hair removal deviceLaser hair removal treatments is a type of hair removal that was only available in beauty salons for a long time. Recently, some companies have also released laser hair removal systems for the use at home. These devices treat the unwanted hair on your body with laser beams and intense pulsed light.They are a longer lasting solution than other hair removal methods. It is not premanent hair removal solution because it does not last for good, yet your hair will grow back only very slowly, often not in all places, and it will grow back very thinly (this makes removing hair in the future easier, and less of a hassle). Some people who have used laser treatment against their unwanted hair over a period of a few years also report that the longer you use lasers, the less your hair will grow back.

If you would like to receive the best results, and would like to be one of those people who achieve long lasting effects over a couple of years, you will naturally need to find the right kind of device.


What do reviews about hair removal lasers tell me about what I need to know before I buy one ?


Reading reviews about laser hair removal systems are something that you must do when your trying to find what  kind of laser hair removal device matches your skin type. Of course, the manufacturers will provide you with quite a bit of information about their products – but they will always only tell you the positive aspects of their product, and don't mention things that aren't ideal. After all, they want to sell their product, and not turn their customers off.

This is where laser hair removal reviews come in handy: Reviews are written by people who have used the various products, and who have made positive as well as negative experiences. You can learn from their experiences without having to make them yourself!

Laser hair reviews will tell you things like these:

  • How long do the bulbs of the device last, and how expensive will it be for me to use the device long-term?
  • Does the device work on darker toned skin, too?
  • How long does it take until you notice changes?
  • How effective is this device in removing unwanted body hair?
  • How easy and convenient is it to use the laser hair removal system?
  • What are the things the manufactures don't tell you about their device? Are there any negative aspects to the use of the device?


Which brands are the top brands for laser hair removal?

top brands for laser hair removalThere are three brands that always receive great reviews for their hair removal systems: Philips, Remington, and the lesser known Silk'n.  Philips is the brand whose products usually stand out from the rest. When you read laser hair removal reviews, you will often find that their device Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2003/11 IPL Hair Removal System with Facial Attachment receive top ratings all over the internet.

The hair removal systems that are offered by Philips stand out because the company offers solutions for every skin type, even for people with dark skin who usually have problems with using laser removal for hair. The body hair removal devices from the Lumea line offer a product for every man and woman who would like to get rid of unwanted hair, and unlike many of the competitors' devices, Philips Lumea devices usually come with an attachment for the removal of facial hair.

You can read more about the products from the three top brands in my article about the best laser hair removal.


How do I find  the best laser hair removal?

The best laser hair removal is different from person to person, because the system that works perfectly well for someone with light skin and dark hair, might not work well for someone with light skin and light hair, or for someone with dark skin and dark hair. The devices that we recommend on this page are very good, yet you will always need to check the manufacturer's information about

  • Which areas they are for (usually listed under recommended application area),
  • And which skin and hair type the device works for best.


The best hair removal laser : Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2003/11 IPL Hair Removal System with Facial Attachment

Philips Lumea Precision PlusI found the best laser device to be the Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2003/11 IPL hair removal system with facial attachment. One reason for my preference is that this device makes it very easy for you to get rid of those unwanted, stray hairs you sometimes find on your chin and your upper lips (if you are a woman, for a man that's a different story of course!). There is a little attachment that you can easily fit onto the main head of the device. It only takes seconds, and couldn't be easier.

Here are the points that turn this device into the best laser hair removal system:

  • It is one of the few devices that actually work for almost all skin tones, even for people with darker (or tanned) skin. You only have to choose the right setting (the instruction manual will help you with that).
  • You can see some incredible results after eight weeks. Of course the hair removal works quite well right after the first treatment (but as with all laser removal, it takes a few days for the hair to fall out), but if you stick with it ;for at least eight weeks, then you will see that less of your hair grows back.
  • You don't need any accessories like gels, so the use is very easy and also does not take as much time as other methods of hair removal.
  • There are different settings for different parts of the body to make the process more efficient.
  • The treatment for one whole leg only takes about 15-20 minutes – and only has to be done once a month, so you save a lot of time if you compare this to shaving, waxing and epilating.
  • There is no need to buy replacement bulbs – so once you bought the system, there are no additional, ongoing costs like with other laser hair removal systems.


The negative:

  • In more sensitive areas of your body, e.g. your bikini line, the process might be a little bit painful, like a little flick with a rubber band – but when you compare this to waxing or epilating, the pain from a laser treatment is a lot weaker.
  • The battery life is a bit short, which can be annoying when you want to do your whole body in one sitting. A full recharge takes about 100 minutes, a quick recharge about one hour. I recommend that you just plan to do one body part at a time instead of planning in one long session.

Our conclusion is that this truly is one of the best laser hair removal devices on the market. There are newer version of this model, yet the reviews show that they don't improve much on this model – so you might as well choose the model that has proven reliable and efficient!


Runner up 1: Silk'n Flash and Go HPL Hair Removal System

Silk'n Flash and Go HPL Hair Removal SystemThe Silk'n Flash and Go HPL hair removal system works almost as well as our winner , yet I think that it works most efficient for facial hair. The effect on other parts of the body seems to take a bit longer, so you need to be more patient.Depending on how intensively you use this laser , you will have to buy replacement bulbs regularly, which is an additional cost and can sum up quickly. However, if you only want to treat facial hair, this will last quite a while, and would be the best device for permanent hair reduction.This system is cheaper than the Philips Lumea, so it might be ideal for you if you are sceptical and would simply like to give laser hair removal a go. It will show results, but it won't be as fast as the Lumea.


Runner up 2: Remington IPL 5000 i-Light Essential Hair Removal System

Remington IPL 5000 i-Light Essential Hair Removal SystemThe Remington IPL 5000 i-Light essential hair removal system takes a bit longer than the Philips Lumea Precision to show very good results, but if you stick with it, it will also reduce the growth of your hair.

The problems with this laser hair removal systems are that it overheats quite quickly, and you often have to take a bit of a break. If you want to treat a whole leg, then it can be a bit of a hassle. The other problem: You will have to buy replacement bulbs every now and then, just like with the Silk'n Flash, which is an additional cost – but if you compare this to a laser treatment in a beauty salon , it is a lot cheaper.


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