Our Choice for Best Hair Straightener for 2015 – 2016

best hair straightenerThe hair straighteners took a long walk until they get the shape of nowadays to be able to shape your hair into something fancy. From the old clothes iron turned into a device to straighten curls to the straightening comb invented in 1872 by Marcel Grateau, a hair straightener is today a light device, sometimes quite slim to be used also to shape curls and all sorts of effects and perfected to damage your hair as less as possible. You will see here a list of six of the most popular hair straighteners available right now in the market and what they offer for your hair and style, as well as you will see a succinct guide to identify the best hair straightener for you.

Best Hair Straighteners With Reviews

Onassis Style’s The Aphrodite Hair Straightener

Onassis Style's The Aphrodite Hair StraightenerThe Aphrodite is one of the best models yet released by Onassis, which is arguably the best brand producing hair straighteners these days. The Aphrodite is a slim, very versatile straightener 1 inch wide, you can do all sort of things with this machine, from the main objective to get your hair straight to shape your own curls or waves. It has 7 different pre-adjusted temperatures you can switch on with a digital LED display. It is manufactures under compliance with several different international standards, from ETL, CETL to ROHS & REACH, CE, INERTEK and GS.


  • Plates made on ceramic tourmaline
  • 1 inch wide
  •  USA voltage only, (120V, 60Hz, 35W)
  •  7 different temperature options with a digital LED display: 200, 260, 320, 360, 400, 430 and 450 ºF


  •  Onassis is an extremely reliable brand, they offer the best warranty policy. You get a 10 year warranty on this hair straightener.
  • The tourmaline ceramic is the latest technology on heating plates for hair straightener, the material is extremely gentle, more durable than ceramic simply and provides the same steady and even heat distribution.
  • Only 1 inch wide, this can be used to shape your hair in many ways. Is the thinnest hair straightener out there.
  • Original listing price from $300

Jolie Amour Hair Straightener

Jolie Amour Hair StraightenerThis Jolie Amour model is one of the hottest and best selling hair straighteners out there, and that is also a literal affirmation. It heats up to 450 ºF like the Onassis model and works with ceramics plates, providing an even surface heat. This kind of technology provides steady shaping, is a bit less efficient than the tourmaline one, but you can ensure your hair will get shaped and not burned. The design of the machine is also an ultimate innovation, shorter in width to ensure more freedom on modeling whatever you want, but not a short as the Aphrodite, so it is best suited for people who are looking exclusively for a hair straightener to get its curls undone and not the other way around.


  •  Dual voltage flat hair iron straightener.
  • Made with ceramic plates.
  • Three different temperature switches: 180, 315 and 450 ºF.
  • 1.25 inches wide .


  •  Ideal to work with all kinds of hair since it has a wide range of temperatures.
  • This ceramic iron hair straightener is 100% made on ceramic, that means the plates are completely made on the material and not just covered on it. Despite being sold as “Iron” straightener, it doesn’t have any metallic materials on the plates.
  • The even spread of temperature across the plates locks in the moisture of your hair, so you won’t damage the quality of your hair.
  • Original listing price from $200.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Hair Straightener

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Hair StraightenerBaByliss is another celebrated brand when it comes to hair modeling machines, after all the name of the brand is a synonym for shaping curls, they don’t disappoint at all with their hair straightener machines. The Pro Nano Titanium is one of the best they have in store, also offers the same 1 inch width that is a key factor to get a hair straightener and also shape curls and all sorts of wavy shapes you wish. The only difference here from the other models is the plates that are made on titanium. This model is a Pro machine, so it is oriented for professionals who know how to handle this kind of metallic covered plates machine. You better have some dexterity with hair straighteners to do not damage your hair with this one.


  •  Model of reference: BABNT3072.
  • Plates are made on nano titanium.
  • Several different temperature options, adjustable by a LED digital switch.
  • 1 inch wide


  •  Works with the emission of negative ions and long range infrared heat that provides a fast and no damaging straightening.
  • This straightener also works up to 450 degrees but has a series of middle ground settings, starting on 200.
  • The titanium plates glides smoothly through the hair.
  • Original listing price from $160

CHI Home Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Hair Straightener

CHI Home Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Hair StraightenerThe fourth straightener of our list is the CHI Home Ceramic Hairstyling, but you will likely see it being sold around as a CHI Ceramic Hairstyling on web stores like Amazon, even though it is developed for Home use and developed by the sub-brand CHI Home (check our guide to know more about the difference between the two brands that are from the same manufacturer). This hair straightener is less great than the other of our list for some reasons: even though there are several different temperature settings, they are not adjustable, the heat escalates until it reaches the max. temperature of 410 ºF. The ceramic plates are only covered and not fully on ceramic. Especially because it is designed for home that the brand uses ceramic in this model to make it more accessible for beginners’ hands and it is lighter than most models.


  • Made with plates covered on ceramic.
  • 5 different temperatures: 80, 240, 300, 360 and 410 (non adjustable).
  • 1 inch wide


  • Easy to handle for beginners, light weighted and slim for multi use.
  • Low price and ideal for hair that doesn’t require too much effort to shape.
  • Available on several different colors.
  • Original listing price from $ 90

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Ceramic Hair Straightener

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Ceramic Hair StraightenerThis second BaByliss model of our list is a model developed on ceramic so users who want to enjoy the benefits of ceramic straighteners can have an option with the brand. This model is well rated and has an affordable price compared to other ceramic models, but it still provides a lot of options, like seven different pre-adjustable temperatures and a slim standard width. You can even find other versions of this model with wider plates so you can exclusively have a fast hair straightener rather than a multi use tool.


  • Model of reference:  BABP9557.
  • Made on ceramic.
  • Several different width sizes available (from 1 to 2 and a half inches).
  • Temperature control with rheostat. Up to 7 different settings.


  • This is BaByliss ceramic model so it is much easier to handle at home and for beginners.
  • The heating settings go up to 450 ºF.
  • Original listing price from $65

Remington Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 2-Inch, Black

Remington Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 2-Inch, BlackThe last hair straightener of our list is actually the most accessible and one of the best for those who are looking exclusively for a hair straightening machine. Manufactured by Remington, this machine has a shorter variety of options and that justify its lower price, but everything this hair straightener offers, it does with authority. The ceramic use in this machine is claimed by the company to be 15x bigger than others, though it is unknown what exactly they mean since 100% ceramic plates are all 100%. Perhaps their formula is more concentrated? Trade secret. The machine offers only 3 different temperature settings and they are all very high, starting on 300 until 450. If on one hand you don’t have that much options of temperature, on the other you can easily control them with a quite practical digital controller and display on LED. And, this is a 2 inches wide set of plates, so it only works for straightening, not for other shaping tasks.


  • Model of reference: S9520.
  • Made on ceramic.
  • 3 different heating options controllable by digital control and display.
  • 2 inches wide


  • Temperature control is quite intuitive and easy with the digital controller.
  • This model is made 100% on ceramic and claims to offer 15x more ceramic than most counterparts, providing a much more silky shine.
  • It will heat up in just 15 seconds. Ideal for hair straightening only.
  • Original listing price from $50

What Is An hair straightener?

Starting from scratch. Before you jump to the first product that looks really great, is good to know exactly what is an authentic hair straightener. The core function of this machine is to straighten up your hair as it suggest. So it will consist of two plates that are supposed to touch one each other while your hair will be in between. And yes, they will heat up to several different degrees depending on what each machine can offer. The most modern models are quite slim, so you can even shape curls and do other sort of styling on your hair.

What Are the Advantages of a Good Hair Straightener?

Not all hair straighteners are good hair straighteners because they are not meant to just style up your hair, they have to do this without damaging it. The oldest models, that became more popular during the ’90s, were great to toast women’s hair after some uses. Today there is technology to avoid this kind of – literal – burden. The best models these days are made with infra red heat and emission of negative ions in the case of metal use, for example, or with the use of ceramic that will heat the hair smoothly. Hair straighteners must work fast, the less you need to glide your hair on it and get the results you need, the better.

How To Find the Best Hair Straightener

First of all, you have to bear in mind your kind of hair. People with thin and slightly curvy hair will need something less potent than people who have thick curly hair. The hard it is to style your hair, the sturdier must be the machine. For the most extreme cases, the metallic machines are always the best. They are often made on titanium but they require dexterity to handle because they will likely damage your hair easier than would ceramic ones. There is a reason why most of these titanium machines are labeled as “Pro”, because they are often used in beauty saloons and handled by professionals. To find the best one is to find the best one for your needs.

What You Should Know Right Now About Hair Straightener

There are basically three types of hair straighteners in the market: the titanium based, the ceramic based and the tourmaline ceramic ones. The latter is the latest type designed by the industry so far and consist on a layer of the tourmaline mineral which heats up easily and even. It is positioned over the ceramic layer that likely, keep the heat all even by the surface. The first one as we already said, works faster and must be used with skills. The ceramic one is the middle ground but less efficient than the tourmaline when it comes to cool down.

How Much Do Good Hair straighteners Cost?

That’s a tricky question that will depend on each model and what they can offer. As you can see on our list, some great models cost just 50 bucks, but they do offer only the basic a good hair straightener must offer, while the sturdy ones will cost at least 100. But the tricky thing here is, when it is too good to be true, it is probably just too good to be true. Some retailers sell expensive models like the Onassis and BaByliss ones for less than 150 dollars and this is quite suspicious because they negotiate directly with the Chinese distributors who often dispatch some counterfeit models to look like the original ones. They are crappy and simply a fake product, so you have to stick with reliable promotions and pay attention to what customers have to say. Sometimes is not fault of the retailer but the supplier, heads up either way.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

We analyzed these machines and compared them to one each other, so you will be able not only what each one of them has to offer but also what they do best than the other. You can check exactly how many heating options each model has, how the temperature controlling system works as well as how the plates design works in therms of reliability. All these products are top sellers and well rated.

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