Our Pick for Best Depilatory Cream for 2015

Our Pick for Best Depilatory CreamYour skin is quite lovely, and you enjoy showing it off. What you do not enjoy is the act of getting rid of unwanted body hair. You know about shaving, epilating, waxing and even heard about laser treatments. Those methods all have one thing in common: They work, but they take a lot of time out of your day, and are unsuitable if you need to get ready for an unexpected date quickly.

The answer to that problem is to find best depilatory cream!

You can use creams like this to remove body hair within a few minutes, and some creams are ideal for use in the shower (so you can save even more time). Depilatory creams work by attacking the shaft of your unwanted hair with active ingredients called “chemical depilatories”. After you put the cream on the parts of your body that need hair removed (but please read the safety instructions), you wait a few minutes (depends on the brand), and then either use a hard sponge or a spatula, which usually comes with the cream, to remove the dead hair and the cream from your body.

The result is smooth, hairless skin within a few minutes. But which cream is the best depilatory cream?


The best depilatory cream: Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin 5minutes

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin 5minutesFor ladies (and gents) who are in a rush and who don’t have the time to shave or use other kinds of hair removal methods, there is no product that can beat the VeetIn-Shower Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin 5minutes.

The cream is  first on our list as a best cream.Its ideal for the use in the shower because in addition to the usual chemical depilatories, it also has ingredients that enable the cream to stay on your body while you have a shower. In addition to all that usefulness, the cream also packs in Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, two very powerful nutrients that help to make your skin feel super smooth after using the cream.

I love this cream because it does save me a lot of time, smells alright, and leaves me without unwanted hair. Once I also used it when my hair hadn’t grown back much, and I expected that it would not work very well. I was pleasantly surprised, when I found out that I had been wrong. This cream even helps with the removal of short hair – so you don’t have to wait until your hair has reached a certain length.

How long the results last, depends a lot on the hair growth you have, but I found that it last at least a week until I have to think of removing hair again. For the little amount of time you have to invest in removing the hair, I think it’s perfect!


Runner-up 1: Bio Depiless Hair Retardation Complex Face Care Cream Bio Depiless Hair Retardation Complex Face Care Cream

This is not for your whole body, but I wanted to add a cream that is particularly designed for those stubborn hairs that turn up below your chin and on your upper lips. They are a pain to remove with tweezers (literally), and can be really bad for your confidence. As I wouldn’t recommend using a normal depilatory cream on your face (it’s painful and can cause reddening), I would like to introduce the Bio Depiless Hair Retardation Complex Face Care Cream to you.

This cream does not immediately remove the unwanted hair but uses a longer lasting approach. It takes times, but it well worth it. You could use a tweezer to remove the unwanted hair, and then start using this cream, or you could simply be patient and wait for the cream to do its work. The way this cream works is that it starves the unwanted hair which leads to slower growth and the falling out of the hair. It starves the hair, but feeds your skin – it’s a great combination that works!


Runner-up 2: Avon Skin-so-Soft Hair Removal Cream Avon Skin-so-Soft Hair Removal Cream

Avon is known all over the world and produces products of high quality. The hair removal creams are not different, and are not only very easy to use but also effective. It takes the cream only 3-4 minutes to do its job (the rest depends on how fast you are with removing it).

The Skin-so-Soft Hair Removal Cream ticks all boxes (easy use, effective, smell that is not too unpleasant, quick results), but there is one problem: even though Avon states that the cream is suitable for sensitive skin, I wouldn’t really trust that statement. The cream can feel rather painful when it comes in contact with sensitive skin. So I would only recommend this cream to people who have normal skin, and who don’t want to use it on their bikini line or other rather sensitive areas.


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