No Pull or Cuts Use Best Hair Removal Cream for Men

Best Hair Removal Cream for MenMen can often be sissies when it comes to depilation. We want it smooth but we don't want pain – we can't endure it that much however – and we also don't want to wander around like a velcro hook and loop fastener rubbing our own skin with growing hair. A middle ground to prevent these scenarios is already performed by women with the use of hair removal cream and sprays. And happily, there are option specially for men in the market.

Veet was, and is, the main brand producing depilatory creams and offers some of the best and most effective solutions, but these days is not the only offering options for both woman and men. We are going to see 3 top notch creams, including Veet's big boy for cream based depilation for men and other 2 options very well rated in the market to enhance your options.

Veet's Hair Removal Gel for Men

Veet's Hair Removal Gel for MenQuite much as the Removal Gel for women, this cream is however developed especially for men's skin and is not a rework of package with "manly" colors. It starts with the fact it is not that much a cream, and more like a gel, because men often have more oily skin. The formula is hydrant but rich in minerals and not on oily essences. This is important because after depilations of all kinds, both men and women skin might get a bit more oily than normal as a natural defense to "lock" the skin against microorganism. Don't forget your hair are there for a reason, and it is to protect yourself from bacteria, pollution and so many other bad guys from the air.

This gel will then only smooth up your skin with some vitamins – E especially – but will not add more oil to the skin. However, if you are a men with dry skin, you should consider using some extra hydrant aftershave cream to tide it up.

The gel works in a very simple way. Just spread it around the zone you want to depilate and let it work for around 4 to 6 minutes. After that, you must use the spatula to remove the hair. This for men formula is stronger as men hair are often thicker, so it will get on the root within that time and is all you need.

You can spread with your own hands and wash it away after sliding the spatula with water.

This cream gel is rated 4 and half stars on sites like Amazon. It is almost unanimous. However, we have some problems here. If you are looking for a hair removal cream to depilate your "fun zones", this is not your guy. This Veet gel is recommended for legs, armpits, back, chest and torso in general. Do not apply it on your face or in genital, perianal areas. For those zones, we have other solutions.

The Bare Pair Hair Removal Kit

The Bare Pair Hair Removal KitThis one is a little bit more serious business than Veet's one and might be actually a better option if you are looking for a total depilation experience. As we mentioned before, Veet won't cover genitals and facial hair. The Bare Pair won't either do the job on your face – and actually, it is really not recommended you try any of these kind of creams in your face, you simply shouldn't – but it will do all the rest very well.
This cream is actually two creams in one. At Amazon and, they are sold as a "threesome" kit. You have 3 bottles of the hair removal cream, called Bare Balm, and after the removal of the hair, you should apply a second one, Calm Balm.

The first one does the job just like the Veet one. The formula will melt the root of your hair, decomposing the proteins and then you proceed with the spatula, here called the Slick Sticks. Then you can take a shower and apply the Calm Balm, which will hydrate and shut down your pores very tight.

This kit is developed by the ballsBALM brand, they do a lot toiletries especially for men. You can perform the depilation on your genitals and anal zone with no worry, and the product is really designed for men's skin. It also comes along with a exfoliating glove you should use before apply the cream.

Nad's Removal Cream

Nad's Removal CreamNad is a brand developing mostly toiletries for women, but this solution for men was well praised in many different web stores. It works just like the Veet one, but is a little bit more expensive – around 50 cents…. no difference actually.

What is remarkable about this formula is how much strong it is. They really made a cream very fit for men with strong, thick hair. So if you tried other brands and you found they didn't work that well, Nad's Removal Cream will surely do the job. It should be applied and let to work for around 4 minutes and then removed. The problem here is, if you let go for longer, it might irritate your skin, so the method will be a little bit longer than with our other options as your will have to apply it fractionally in different zones and remove right after.

Also, this Nad's cream is not applicable on sensitives zones. No genitals again.

Important to take into account, it also comes with an aloe vera hydrant formula which is really welcomed to cherish the skin after the application of this strong formula.


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