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Pros: A virtually a pain free epilator is what Braun SE 5280 brings to the table.With affordable price this product is not really a hard choice to purchase.
Cons: Being without a battery is the biggest minus for this Braun SE 5280 .But with all the positive things it comes with it , being without a battery is something we can forgive.

Quick Epilating without pain, long lasting results and silk and beautiful skin . What sounds like an unrealistic promise of advertising is the new Braun silk-épil 5 from Braun.The 5280 Epilator Xelle legs & body turned that promise into reality. This Epilator was not named one of the best epilators in 2015 without a good reason and got really good reviews from customers on amazon (4.5).

First of all we would like to talk about the functions of Silk Epil 5 / 5280 , briefly explain the applied technology and point out somw special features:

Being recommended by dermatologists is extremely unusual for an Epilator but that is exactly what did creators of Baun silk Epil 5280 have managed to achieve. That alone shows that the Silk Epil 5280, compared to almost all other epilators on market , is ahead terms of skin protection. The technique, which must be used to achieve this level, is diverse.

Dual massage system

The massage system massages the skin immediately before and after epilation. Blood circulation is promoted, reducing skin irritation and, very importantly, reduces pain.

Cooling glove

The cooling glove is added to effectively cools the skin before and soothes it after using this epliator to further increase your comfort and decrease the level of pain you would normally get when using other epilators.It also does a great job in preventing and irritation of your skin.

Individual choice of speed

There are 2 different speed levels available. Gentle and very thorough. Simply speaking, that is the roller on the tweezers are attached, in the mode “very thorough” faster turns, and mode “gentle” just slower, and therefore less painful.

SoftLift tips

The SoftLift tips system makes sure that it lifts even flat laying hair and and puts it at the right angle so that the 40 tweezers system can be reliably detecte and remove any unwanted hair together with the root. This is an essential part to add to its outstanding thoroughness of the Braun silk Épil 5 / 5280

40 tweezers

40-Tweezer system is optimized at perfect angle so it can remove even smallest and shortest hair from your body and ensure rapid and thorough epilation.


The Smartlight is a built-in flashlight that helps you not to miss hairs even if the lightning in a room is not so good.Especially comes in handy when you are traveling so you dont have to worry about if lights in hotel rooms are not well positioned.

In addition, a storage case, a shaving attachment and trimmer, a power supply unit and the above mentioned cooling glove are included.


In summary it must be said positively that the Braun Silk Epil 5280 is virtually a pain free epilator (the first time still you might feel a slight pain,but not more after that), removes very quickly and very thoroughly. A renewed epilation on our test subjects was not necessary for at least 4 weeks. Also, the equipment leaves no wish unfulfilled.
Only real drawback can be considered only the missing battery. This mobility is somehow limited and the usage in the shower ,because of this, is not possible. If you find this too big of a problem you can always check some other epilators from our list that have this feature.

The Braun silk Epil 5 / 5280 the competition should and must be afraid.

The Braun silk-épil 5 / 5280 enables rapid and painless depilation. The only shortcoming is the lack of mobility due to the missing batteries. Otherwise he is up to date and the only the competition this epliator has its from the Braun family in form of Braun 7891 Silk-Epil 7 epilator.