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Pros: Emjoi AP-18R Emagine Epilator Rechargeable Edition is one of the latest models made by Emjoi and it brings so many great features like Glide Technology and of course great design
Cons: Maybe the only negative for this epilator is the fact it doesn't have battery as many women like to use epilators while showering.

A while ago we talked about the Emjoi Optima Epilator by Emjoi that is one of the best epilators released in the market these days. The success of that potent model was only a let down when it comes to the performance of the machine. Different from many epilators, the original Emagine was a corded only model, so it was quite complicated for people who wanted to epilate far away from a wall or rid of cords messing up the epilating session. So Emjoi promptly got the opportunity to fix this limitation, releasing a reworked model of the efficient epilator.
The Emagine Rechargeable however is not only the same model with equipped with a rechargeable battery. Emjoi released a model that provides other improvements, specially because the AP-18 was a rework from a epilator design made for men adapted for women. The brand improved even more the machine for women’s skin, hands and other special needs, so this is likely one of the greatest epilator purchases you could be doing for a long while.


tweezersIf you have read at least one of our reviews of epilators you know that the amount of tweezers provided by an epilator is really the key to make the session more efficient, fast and as painless as possible. The original Emjoi Emagine was built with 72 tweezers, and of course Emjoi did not change that at all. This is the most efficient epilator in the market, able to remove dozens of hairs in one second and no wonder, there are more than 72 tweezers working together!

However, what is best about the Emagine design of tweezers is not the number of tweezers but the ability to put them to work with double efficiency. The tweezers cap has a double face, so they are spread in two different rotating systems, duplicating the amount of surface covered and of course, the amount of hair removed.

Another special feature of the tweezers is the silver ions applied in the surface of the tweezer cap. Different from surfaces made of polymers and other synthetic or lesser metals, the silver ions avoid any kind of bacterial proliferations, so your can keep this quite important zone of your epilator quite clean and hygienized. This is quite important because this epilator is not water proof, the head cannot be removed and you have to clean it up with an additional brush that comes with the pack.

Patented Glide Technology

The original Emagine also had some issue when it comes to the glide design. It was for many users a little bit inefficient for most women who doesn’t body hair too long. One of the main functions of the Emagine is to remove all kinds of hair, but their glide was yet to be improved. This version has a shorter one, so it works as good as possible for both women with long and short hair.

While you are sliding the epilator over your skin, the glide will work as a barrier forcing the hair to stand up, doesn’t matter how flat or, in this case, short it is. The hair is lifted up and the tweezers are able to grab and pull it off. Many epilator do not have this kind of technology, so women have to perform the epilating session twice… ouch. If you don’t want to suffer a double burden or simply doesn’t want to wast more time than what is required, a glide system is just like a comb helping the hair dresser to cut your hair with precision. And it gets finished much faster.

Functional Shape

emjoi shapeTo complement the efficiency of the double tweezers cap and the glide system, the shape of the Emagine is also cleverly designed. The head of the machine is designed with curvy, smooth edged to follow your body and stretch your skin while you are epilating delicate and curvy zones, like the armpits and bikini lines.
When your epilator doesn’t have a good shape, it becomes a hard task to remove your hair without feeling some pinches. That hurts and might even bruise your skin, so Emjoi developed something that keep the right distance from the tweezers cap, the head extremities and your skin while the former can stretch and keep it tight before the tweezers are able to reach hair.

Free Performance

Alongside the rework of the glide system and the smoother shape, the most welcomed improvement is the new power design of the machine. You probably have seen around many models that are either only cordless or only corded.We think sincerely that both things are not great, because each one has its relevant cons: battery sourced models will only last for around 40 to 50 minutes, and after that you would have to wait for many hours until the machine is once again recharged.

The corded only machines are often not waterproof despite being multi functional – shaver, exfoliatiing – so it often doesn’t even make sense to be corded.

The Emagine Rechargeable offer both advantages of these systems and lower down their cons. So when you don’t want to shave facing a wall, you can unplug and still have a battery to help you out. Battery is over? You can get back to the power source and keep going on.

This is other very special feature of this model because many cordless models have to be, obviously, recharged using a cord but they won’t work while you are recharging – for safety measures. With the Emagine Rechargeable you can work in any way you want. You will never run out of energy or have to wait to make the epilator work.

A+ Model

customers reviewTo finish our review, is important to note this is not the kind of epilator that costs very few. It is really an important investment, around 140 dollars, though you will be able to find this model in promotional sale for 100 or less.

On the other hand, you could not be investing your money better. The Emagine Rechargeable is even better than the original version and is just the fastest epilator in the market. For women who want to make it for once and for good, with not second applications or skin irritations in the aftermath, this is simply the way to go.
The epilator is sold by several different retailers in Amazon,, eBay and other sites, so its rate is fluctuating, has an average of 4 stars throughout all these sellers, though you will even find it rated 4.5 stars depending on the seller.