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The eRase e60 is one of the best epilators you could get started with, specially being manufactured by Emjoi.

Emjoi often tries to bring to its customers some compact and alternative solutions on epilators, specially for those people who are new to epilators and don’t know how much they could spend on these new toys. The eRase e60 is one of the best epilators you could get started with, specially being manufactured by Emjoi. With 60 different tweezers heads, including alternative shaver and bikini trimmer blades, the eRase line has several models with different colors, so it is even the kind of cute purchase you can match with your other toiletries and bags.

Versatile Tweezer Heads

The eRase e60 model is a great kind of purchase because you will find the epilator on promotional sale for around $50 dollars or less, and you won’t easily have this opportunity when it comes to an epilator with 60 heads. This high Emjoiamount of tweezers is really great to remove all kinds of hair, from coarse to very thin hair. This epilator is great for epilating all areas of the body, specially because there are two different speeds to work, so you can go easier on more delicate zones like groins and armpits and faster on legs, specially to cover these big areas sooner.

Another important aspect of the tweezers is the dual head cap, so this will help out you to get done even faster than you were supposed to. Dual cap zones are as efficient for an epilator as the feature of double speeds. Dual tweezers caps are actually like an extra speed. You cover more area at once and also has the dual pulling direction, great to remove hair with much less pain.

Probably the only let down of this epilator is the fact there is no additional epilating cap heads for epilating. A good precision cap zone would be better to perform the epilation on more delicate zones and even useful for the hair removal on face, so you have to go easy when you are going to epilate more delicate and smaller zones to do not pinch skin by mistake.

Corded Machine

If you are specially getting started, is much better to have at your disposal all the time as possible, no rush and pressure. Many cordless models are, basically, machines that work for around 40 to 50 minutes. Sometimes this is not enough and you will not want to wait for the recharging that may take up to 6 hours or let it for later while you have one leg finished and the other still not.
Most cordless epilators are not that great and the best epilators that work cordless are often much more expensive. Also, is great to do not have to rely on batteries when you can simply plug your machine in a power source. eRase will work great anywhere around the civilization, unless you are going to camp. But let’s realize you can simply epilate before going to wild areas because each epilating session ensure you at least 6 weeks without body hair.

Shaver and Trimmer

Another great feature of this cheap, compact machine is the extra shaver and trimmer heads. Most of the best bikini trimmers are actually attached to more complex machines, either an electric shaver or an epilator, and this way you simply save much more money instead of buying different products that could be matched all in one.

The shaver and trimmer head of the eRase machine is foiled, so this is also great for delicate, sensitive skins.

Shaving often might be a problem if your skin gets easily irritated, so is better to do it with a foiled shaver. They are made of nickel free alloys – nickel is a very common toxic element for skin – and in the case of this shaver, the alloy is hypoallergenic in many senses, also developed to avoid bacteria proliferation.

The bikini trimmer is a double blade, attached on separate sides of the shaver head. This might sound silly but actually is really great to handle better the machine. Instead of having to turn over the product back and forth while dealing with the cord positioning, you can count on both sides.Of course if you need something just for bikini area take a look at our reviews of best bikini trimmer.


do not use under the showerBear in mind since this is a corded epilator, you cannot use it for wet epilating methods. Likewise, do not use under the shower. Since the heads of the machine are attachable, you can release them and clean with water and soap, though the machine also comes with an exclusive cleaning comb to remove hair on dry cleaning, something more efficient specially with the epilator head.

For easy transportation, you can also count on the extra travel pouch included with the package.

The eRase is for sure one of the best epilators and great substitute for bikini trimmer in the market today, specially if you don’t want to spend too much money. The overall rate of the product is 4 stars and you can find it on 6 different colors.