Pain Level
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Pros: Great epilator for anyone who doesnt look to spend fortune on one of these devices.It has a great tweezers which will make sure you have great and silky skin !!!
Cons: Biggest con of this epilator is pain level but we guess beauty has its price !!!

Epilady EpiflexEpilady is a brand that is growing in popularity in the last years, doing quite well compared to other renowned brands of epilators like Braun or Panasonic. One of the merits of the brand is its focused manufacturing of machines for women, so their epilators are increasingly becoming outstanding machines. The Epilady Epiflex is one of their latest releases and offers an enviable amount of features: 112 tweezer heads with a dual head system, on two different speeds, with a cap zone exclusive head, built in LED light  and completely waterproof, useful for both wet and dry epilating sessions.


tweezersWithout a doubt the best thing about the Epiflex is the outstanding tweezers performance, with 112 different tweezers providing one of the fullest performances available in the market these days. While most products offer from 40 to 70 tweezers, Epilady is being remarkable here with this robust amount. But what makes it so impressive is the fact the machine has a dual head mechanism, is not only a dual disc system but, in fact, two separate heads working one alongside the other. This makes the epilating process extremely fast and effective and mimics some legendary models like the emjoi AP line.

  •  112 different tweezers
  • Dual head system
  • Made on hypoallergenic material


Besides the dual head mechanism of the Epiflex, this epilator keeps the tradition of Epilady’s oval, slim designs that fit well on women’s hands. While they are not seem that safe to handle under running water, especially with some soap or gel involved in a wet epilating sessions – no adherent material – there are overall no complaints whatsoever about accidents with the epilator being slippery. The machine is also light weight compared to many robust models of epilators in the market that offer much less tweezers, so this is another pro for the machine.

  • Slim oval design
  • Made on durable plastic
  • Dual heads working independent


FeaturesThe Epiflex is not a super versatile machine as it is focused on providing epilating benefits. With the dual head is impossible for the machine to provide also a shaving mechanism or other kind of additional hair removal features. On the other hand, the machine works cordless and is completely waterproof, so you can use it for both wet and dry epilating methods, and later wash the tweezers with water and soap or only use a dry brush – included in the kit – to remove any hair.
Likewise, the machine provides additional support for the epilation of thin and fair hair with the built-in LED light.
Additionally, you have a cap zone head to attach to the epilators heads and get to the most delicate zones of your body, like groins and armpits.

  • Waterproof mechanism.
  • Includes cap zone epilator head.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Dual voltage adapter.
  • Carrying case


epilator speedEven working with two different motors, the Epiflex provides a much better power performance compared to other models of counterparts. The machine is fully recharged within 1 hour and will work for up to 45 minutes. This is a great number for such a potent machine. While it doesn’t work corded, the cordless mechanism is what provides the waterproof system.

  • Cordless only
  • Operating time up to 45 minutes
  • Recharging time up to 1 hour

Pain Level

perforamnceOne of the let downs of this machine is the fact it is not made for sissies. Since there are 112 thousand pulls for minute with this big amount of tweezers, there is a lot of hair being pulled at the same time and for some people this may be a burden quite hard to handle. The Epiflex is made for women who want to get it over for once and for good as fast as possible, but is not for beginners.

  • Quite ample pulling system, average to high level of pain
  • – Two speed options


prosEpiflex is surely one of the best epilators you can get these days when it comes to efficiency and speed on removing your hair. It is not the best solution for people with quite sensible skin and not used to the burden of epilating sessions, but is surely provides a work done fast and neat as possible. The price might be a bit salty for some customers since it is an epilator only machine, on the other hand is the best kind you can get regardless of the price.

  • Available from  $113 to $130
  • 1 year warranty provided by Epilady