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Pros: This model has the standard design of tweezers' heads many brands implement to their epilators, but the tweezers itself work in a more subtle fashion, making the epilation more comfortable and less painful.
Cons: The tweezers might skid a bit whenever you feel more pressure is necessary to make the epilator work. This delicate feature may force you to cover a same area more than once.

Epilady Legend EpilatorEpilady is not a top notch brand out there if you compare their products with most refined brands like Panasonic or Braun, but their products are far from being crappy or a waste of money, especially this model which is quite popular. The great thing about the Epilady Legend is the fact it costs around 50% of what robust models alike from the other fancy brands we mentioned normally cost.

This model specifically costs $70 dollars and has 40 tweezers. You will find this same amount of tweezers costing much more, though other models include in general extra heads Epilady doesn’t offer here. If you are only looking for an epilator, that’s it, is your chance to save money and have a quality product as far as possible, as far as you are not looking for extra agile and fast epilating.


tweezersEpilady is not trying to reinvent the wheel here when it comes to tweezers, but they surely try something different. Their tweezers system grabs hair with more subtlety, so the result is less pain and more care. The size of tweezers here are the standard one in the market and the rotational speed is perhaps a little bit faster than normal. It provides around 30 to 32 thousand tweezes per minute. On the other hand, this slight higher speed is probably designed to compensate a lack of precise grabs and while you get more tweezes per minute, that doesn’t mean they will remove hair with as much precision since the grab is more gentle.

Another issue about this tweezer mechanism is the fact you should not force it against your skin trying to make it work better. Many customers have the natural instinct to handle the epilator like that and this end up making the tweezers discs skid and sometimes get stuck. Don’t go too strong or you may damage the machine for good. Otherwise, this Epilady tweezer is known to be quite resistant.


perforamnceFor 70 bucks yes, you will get an epilator that works cordless. Epilady is not the ultimate cordless technology in the market but they surely work very well for the average time is offered in the market. You will be able to work with this epilator for up to 40minutes, the recharge as usual, takes around 1 hour to fully recharge. As the battery is rechargeable, you can wash the epilator tweezers at ease and you can as well epilate both on dry and wet methods.

While some epilators work plugged in a power source, this kind of convenience is not offered by this model, but since most compact epilators these days do not offer this kind of dual technology, is not like you are losing something.

Body Areas

body areas for epilatingYou will notice that the Legend epilator doesn’t have a wide open cap zone, neither a quite delimited one. That means you will be able to use this epilator in general for the legs and bikini zone. Women looking to define bikini lines or epilate their intimate zones, including the groins, might not benefit from this machine.

Bean in mind that curvy areas, specially the one between your groins and delta, are really no place to experiment. Epilators that are way too wide might hurt you, pinching or grabbing too much hair at once. On the other hand, the Epilady Legend works just as fine for the rest of the body – of course, not including facial hair.

Clean Up

cleaningAs we said before, this epilator is water proof, so you can wash it while you are working it on your body or after an epilating session. To remove better the hair, you would likely have better results while washing the head separately. Since the tweezers here do not grab too hard and have a conventional size, is really not a hard task to keep it clean.

Summing Up

customers reviewYou can find the Epilady Legend on promotional sale for less than 70 dollars if you are lucky enough, on the other hand some sellers might have it available for almost 75. One way or another, the investment here is special for people who want to have a budget epilator as well as the rate of the product is around 4 stars around the online stores in the web. Be sure to do not buy a pig in a poke since these models are not ultimate design. They were released around 2009 and some sellers might sell refurbished versions.


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