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Pros:  A different and more dynamic way to epilate your body hair all at once with more than one tweezers' face, the Epliglide works with 3 different faces that epilate, massage and vibrate to remove hair with a quite different level of pain.
Cons: It can take longer actually to remove all hair when it is coarse or the epilation happens on dry methods. The tweezers are smaller and gentler, which is also more difficult to clean up.

Epilglide is a very unusual kind of epilator developed by Panasonic that differentiates from many other models, not only the Panasonic ones: they designed an epilator that resembles rotary shavers, three different faces to cover more area and get the job finished faster. That is at least what Panasonic had in mind when they developed this machine, but the results actually may vary.
The fact is that, if there is one thing that is quite unique about this epilator is the design of the tweezers. Epilglide ULTRA has some QUITE small tweezers. That’s because it is designed to be gentle and effective at the same, but this doesn’t make the epilation actually faster than it normally happens with normal tweezers and since it is a cordless epilator, well… the problem start when you run out of battery and you have to wait for over 1 hour to have it fully charged again and get some eta 45 minutes to keep epilating.
On the other hand, there is one thing that is quite evident about this machine. The Epilglide Ultra is an epilator for women with thin, gentle body hair and provides much better results when it comes to pain different from what you would face with other epilators.

Tweezers System

tweezersAt first sight the tweezers of the Epilglide Ultra look very weird and uncomfortably small, the impression is you will end up pinching your skin and maybe loosing some chunks of your own flesh with the hair, but the truth is actually the other way round: Panasonic developed some quite precise tweezers and they also work on smaller speeds to avoid more pain. There are 48 tweezers throughout the 3 different heads and the “spread” of tweezers is designed to compensate the loss of speed in the process once you are gaining more comfort while you loose agility.



We mentioned in our intro the cons of a slower system and well, that’s what we can say about this epilator: it is not great at all but is far from bad. Bear in mind that many epilators work for only 45 to 30 minutes with a 1h charge. Epilglide is actually one of the most dynamic ones since it endures 45 minutes in a row. On the other hand, the invested 45 minutes of this kind of epilation do not equal the same 45 of other more robust – and less gentle – epilators.
The thing here then is, what are your priorities when it comes to epilate. If you are the kind that needs 45 minutes to get finished with a fast machine then this one will not please you that much since you will be put on hold to finish some part of the body.


Body Areas

body areas for epilatingAnd talking about the body, the 3 rotary heads work great for legs and that’s all. We really don’t see how this could be used in delicate and curvy zones like armpits and groins. On the other hand, the machine comes with extra heads to cover these zones: one epilating head for bikini and armpits, one extra shaving head and a trimmer head – to define bikini lines.

As you can see, the brand recognizes their system is not up for all body parts with only one epilating system. However, don’t forget it is not that different from epilators that offer cap heads to delimit the cap zone so you can cover bikini zone, for example. In the end, is a system with attachments just like most of the epilators out there.

Clean Up

cleaningIt will take longer to epilate, it will be almost painless however, but to get your machine all clean again, it will be a pain in the ass. Most customers complain the fact the tweezers are so small it is a difficult and long task to remove hair from the tweezers. While you can wash the heads with no worries – since it is water proof and the heads are attachable – only water and rinse won’t work 100%. Sometimes a manual tweezer is required to get the most difficult and smaller hairs out of the electric tweezers, the irony.


customers reviewThe Epilglide Ultra developed by Panasonic, after all, is not that much affordable as an epilator: it costs around $130 dollars out of promotional sale and while it is much less painful, it is also much more for some to handle. It requires patience, some extra free time and well, a more sensible skin that really demands all this caution, slowness and precision. For those who would rather go slow and steady, this tiger comes easy and fit.


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