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Pros: This is one of the most successful Smooth and Silky designs developed by Remington. The slim, wide and curvy face of the tweezers allow this machine to cover more area at once.
Cons: It epilates differently from other Smooth and Silky models, require adaptation on handling to make it work effectively.

The American brand of electronics has a story of success with their Smooth and SIlky models of epilators. This line of machines have been around for over 10 years and the EP6010 is one of the most effective models Remington developed, not that long ago by the way. This model was released in 2013 and showed up with a differentiate design. While most epilators have their tweezers’ face vertically curvy, the EP6010 is horizontally curvy. In other words, its cap zone works only in the horizontal direction, you can’t epilate like you do with other epilators swinging the head of the machine in several different angles. It will only work in the 90º angle.

This is both the glory and the misfortune of this Remington model. Yes, you have to adapt to a new way to epilate, but this new way work really good for both thin and coarse hair. The difference of speed in the machine is what makes this mechanism of tweezers work great for both kind of hairs, but if you do not adapt, they end up breaking or even pinching your skin. This is one of the main complains about this epilator, not exactly because it doesn’t work well, but because people have to readapt and not always this is interesting or viable for people. Meanwhile, it will work in the way it is supposed to when used in the way it is supposed to be used.


tweezersRemington didn’t really remade the way that their tweezers work. They just changed the way they will face your body and the cap zone what consequently changes the way the hair will be grabbed. The fact the hair pulling happens in only one direction  makes the epilation being much less painful and much more precise when it comes to pull hair.

Many models offer a pull that is multidirectional because many hair might grow with different directions, and while that may be a truth, it is not like all hair grow in one specific direction. Most of them follow a pattern and epilators like this Remington EP6010 will be able to pull with less pain, especially because they will force you to learn a way that makes you pull with less pain, respecting the way your hair grows. On the other hand, when you try to epilate the hair in arbitrary positions, results will be really not great.


perforamnceAs a Remington product, this epilator run as smooth and steady as possible consuming a standard amount of battery in a standard amount of time. The recharge rate however is where this model wins: like many Remington machines, the battery here has a better autonomy and recharges faster: around 30 minutes of recharge for 45 minutes of epilating.

Is important to note that this different design of the Remington EP6010 makes it run smoother too because the chances of the tweezers getting slower due to excessive tension and pressure against skin is much smaller. Also, this horizontal orientation is really not allowing you do to try something like that otherwise you will get hurt.

Body Areas

body areas for epilatingThis is a very smooth version also when it comes to functionality. This model work only for standard eplation on legs and armpits. There is no cap zone extra heads or anything like that, so it is really not great for groins and intimate zones. In the armpits this also might be not that much comfortable as the region is much more sensible than legs and all hair will be grabbed all at once. This may traumatic for some women in the first sessions.

Clean up

cleaningThe model is waterproof, especially because it is corded like as usual $70 dollars epilator, but the problem here is it won’t help you to clean it up. Cleaning this epilator is not actually difficult but it is not either the most hygienic kind of cleaning. You can’t wash because the head is not detachable and you can’t epilate on wet methods because, well, you will not screw the machine but it will end up disgusting. The model comes with a little cleaning brush, and that’s all, and that’s not really great.


ConclusionFor all that Remington technology usually offers, this epilator is a kind of good acquisition for people who are looking for efficient epilators, especially if you are already an expert in the matter. Not great for begginers and not great for people who appreciate flexibility of epilating. For the price it costs you can find better, more versatile models, on the other hand this one still provides what it is offering with effectiveness.



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