Shaving it Off: Find Best Razor For Women in 2015

Best Razors For WomenHow to find best razor for women ??? .. Among all the techniques of depilation, the shaving is a big standard for most women and easily has become the most popular and accessible way to remove body hair. However, as hair grows fast and shaved hair doesn’t require that much size to start to bother – and make your legs look like a spider’s one – using razors is something that must be done with some ground of commitment and, of course, patience, as you will often have to perform again a shaving session. That’s why the market offers a lot of different kinds of shaving methods, each one of them with their pros and cons to make your commitment more effective and rewarding.


As shaving is something that can be performed easier than epilation or waxing, for example, our tips here will be about ways for you to make it even faster than it already is, taking under consideration the best razor for women and of course, razors that really promise to do a good job on women’s skin.

Different than other methods of depilation, a shaving session on legs and armpits would take 15 minutes or less depending on how skilled you already are. Women who doesn’t bother to take a little bit of their time every 2 days – and specially women who doesn’t have too much hair – really have a better option shaving, as well as it can be performed anywhere since most shavers – even electric ones – are easily portable.

Find Best Razor for Women : Our Ultimate Guide

Today we have in the market three different options of razors: electric shavers, straight razor blades and disposable razors and we will get through their techniques of depilation as well as we will review the best three models of each kind so you can make up your mind about what is best for you.


Starting Classic: Best Disposable Razor Blades


The Disposable Razor BladesIn the ’50’s, the first versions of what were products specially made for women’s depilation arrived in the market with the discardable razor blades. Until nowadays you can find these in the market, they are really the kind to use once or twice and throw away, because they are really cheap and not made to endure months or years of use. But we live in green times and either the market or people aren’t up to throw plastic sticks every 2 days in the trash.

The disposable razor blades even though seem to be the same thing, they are not. You can get rid of the blades – which have very few plastic – but you keep the shaving plastic stick. The pros about them are related to how practical and easy to use they are. The handling stick is really helpful for both men and women.

To make it more effective than just a cheap solution, the disposable razor blades are also a match for an array of up to 5 blades in only one razor blade head. That is more than enough to shave off many hair at once, as well as the hair debris accumulated won’t force you to clean it up that often as it happens with razors that equip less blades.

But other features are important too to make it all work good and they are reflected in our selection of products.


Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor


Shick is a brand that develop products specially for women and their solution of disposable razor blades is not in vain on the top of your list. This razor has a soft and wide stick to fit comfortably and stable in your hands. The razor head has 5 different blades that are pivotal, so they will bend and adapt to your curves. This is really important to perform a fast shaving, otherwise you would have to be careful to do not cut yourself as you slide it kinda fast.

The borders of the razor head are developed with an hydrant serum that is released in contact with water or water based solution – as shaving lather. You might think, what is the purpose of the serum if I am using lather? The serum is applied both on top and bottom of the razor head, so after the blades perform the shaving, the lather is gone and your skin is exposed. The serum them cover it up and hydrate as you keep performing the shaving.

For last, but not least, Shick products are no little thing, so you can easily find another batch of razor heads easily in supermarket or even online. This razor has a 4 and a half stars on stores like Amazon and UK’s Amazon. If you never heard or tried this one, you totally should.

Gillette Venus Embrace Women’s Razor

Gillette is well known for razors developed for men, but they do no wrong with women razors as they are experts in all kinds of razor blades, even electric ones. This Venus Embrace is for sure one of the best disposable razor blades in the market. Is it urban legend? Customers often say the steel blades of Gillette are by far much more resilient and durable than most brands, and Venus Embrace is known for this feature, as well as it seems their secret steel formula provides less irritation for the skin.

However, it also can be the Gillette serum. As their formula for that is really unique, women often report they could shave on a rush using only water and the serum as a lubricant and getting no hash or irritations of any sort after the shaving.

The razor head also has 5 razor blades as well as they are curve sensitive and developed with a different design to slide deeper in the skin, removing the body hair as much as possible. This gives you supposedly some extra time before you have to shave again, but it surely depends on how fast hair grows on your skin.

This model also has a 4 and a half stars on most online stores.  Top notch option.

Bic Soleil Bella 4

Bic has been producing a lot of discardable razors in the market since the beginning, but they would not be left behind when it comes to a disposable solution. This Bella 4 model is the counterpart of the brand for the other razors we suggested. And though BIC is a big plastic producer, their blades are no little players. This model has also 4 and a half stars rate around the web and offers a pivoting head, however it has less blades. We suggest it because women who doesn’t have too much hair or have very curvy shapes might find more comfortable to use less blades. It might take a little bit longer but is the most safe solution if you can’t really deal with a lot of blades over your curves.

They also offer a bold border with hydrant serum, offering the option to shave without extra lather, specially if you have few hair. Also, it would not be less than outstanding the design of their handle stick, made of rubber and plastic, and thicker than the other suggested brands. This offers more control for smaller hands.

Going Vintage:Best Straight Razors for Women

Best Straight Razor BladesRecently many women have find out the old fashioned straight razor blades to be a good solution to make shaving faster and more personalized. However, this is no method for sissies and you must really excel your handling abilities. Straight razors can be dangerous, ironically, specially when the blade is not well sharped.

They must be very sharp to the point a smooth slide is enough to shave hair from the skin. So you really need to be skilled to handle them. The sliding must be continuous and slow, very different than using disposable razors as the blade is single and all the debris gets behind it, not accumulating in between blades, something that reduces the capacity to shave hair with disposable razors. That all comes with the price you are handling a very sharp blade, so pressing it against the skin or bad handling might result in ugly cuts. Also, women require models that are more girl friendly, what means, easy to handle by small hands and with smaller blades.

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

This other Feather model is no less good, it simply has a safer folding handle. That means you can keep the razor blade safely stored when you are not using it and wont have the misfortune to tap it inside a drawer and cut your fingers badly. The resin used in the handle is the same of the other model but the blade of this one is bigger and has a larger edge of sharpness.

The previous model is the most flexible version for shaving all parts of your body, but this one is special for legs shaving as you can make use of more blade here, different from armpits where smaller blades perform a better and safer job.

Also, there are colorful handles, specially one pink, which means they thought about women developing it and this is not simply a male blade that can also be used by women.

Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel

This razor is similar to the Feather Folding one, but has a wider blade and is a German manufactured product. Despite being really stylish and elegant, this is not all this razor blade offers. The blade is made of Solingen nickel plated stainless steel. I know, how pompous, but what does that mean? This kind of steel is carbon based with the use of nickel. Do you know what is able to cut glass? carbon diamonds. That explains the choice of the carbon based blade. It can get really sharp and it won’t lose the edge that easily. It is also a folding blade, so you can store it safely.

As this blade is more straight than the others, it won’t be that great of a deal for armpits once again unless you are careful. That doesn’t mean you will cut yourself to death if you try, but you should go slower than you would with the Feather Japanese model, for example. The model is also a 4 and half stars rated blade and, once again, made on Germany which is, just like Japan, both serious business when it comes to technology and high quality.

Automated Razors: The Best Electric Razor for Women

The Best Electric Razor for WomenJust like men, women also have many options of electric shavers in the market and the great thing about them is: disposable razor blades working faster and better. However, just like straight razor blades, they can be dangerous if you don’t handle it well. Of course, the risk of one is not compared to the other, but electric shavers don’t hold too much debris in between the blades like straight razors as they work with spinning heads, so you can shave faster and also shave it dry but you have to be careful to do not press it over the skin.

If you prefer disposable razor blades because they are more simple and cheaper, the electric ones are a better investment in a long term. Also, there are many models that are portable, cordless, so you can also use it in emergency situations if they work on battery. The water proof models are also an extra for you to keep them clean as well as you can shave under the shower.

Remington Women’s Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver

Remington Women's Smooth and Silky Foil ShaverThis electric shaver is quite a standard, ideal for women who can afford a fast shaving and no harm on doing it so like that. Remington is a big name doing electric toiletries devices for women and this model is one of the most famous. It has a array of 4 circular blades, so the shaver’s head doesn’t have to be pivotal but still can adjust to your curves. They developed this shaver like this because the focus here are the hypoallergenic foils covering the blades. This avoids irritation and skin itching, as well as will prevent folliculitis and other kind of inflammations on the pores. The head being straight-faced provides a total contact with the skin, something pivoting heads do not allow.

It is water proof, cordless and the battery can last for over 30 minutes. For last, but not least, it has a trimmer head so you can shave your bikini zone. This is a 4 stars rated machine and well, costs less than a straight razor blade, around 30 dollars.

Remington Smooth & Silky SpinFlex

Remington Smooth & Silky SpinFlexThere we go Remington again. This other model is also really praised and is a better version of the previous one, as well as more expensive – 93 dollars. The deal about it are the 3 spinning shaving heads. They work like the foiled head of the previous model but as you see, there are 3 different zones all working at the same time. This kind of model is really popular with men because it gets their beard shaved neat and fast, for women smooth legs in less than 5 minutes are the thing.

Is is also cordless and water proof, this is the guy for women with very sensitive skin and few patience. Also a 4 stars rated machine.

Panasonic Close Curves

Panasonic Close CurvesThis Panasonic model is also a 4 stars rated shaver at Amazon and is a perfect short-budget solution. It works just like the first Remington model but cost 18 dollars. Also, they have a different foiled head system with more hypoallergenic features, it is also nickel-free for people who are allergic to that metal. If you never experienced a wide hash after shaving, like, really wide, red, covering all your skin, you are probably not allergic to nickel. Some few women and men are, so this model was prepared for most most people as possible. It is also cordless and water proof, so dry and wet shaving are both welcomed. Also, it doesn’t have a pivoting head, but a floating one. It works similarly but still provides contact with the foils. Panasonic is considerably a much more powerful company so that quite must justify the price almost 50% cheaper compared to the first Remington model. This can be your best choice after all!

In Conclusion, Pick Best Razor For Women Wisely

ConclusionIs never an easy task when it comes to deal with sharp blades over your skin, so you must start with the most simple options as well as you will discover how your body react to this intervention. Test your skin sensibility, most of the disposable razor blades include, for example, nickel, so that is a good way to know if you are among one of those few people who are sensible to that.

If things go well with it, you could try other options only if you are looking for saving time when shaving. The straight razors can do that faster but require skills or you might get hurt. Electric ones can be a good middle therm but they require electricity and batteries always charged – because they don’t work plugged on power source, only with battery.

So you have to adapt your options to your daily life and your needs. Also, never forget to check the availability of replacing razors in the market of the region where you live before you buy something from a brand.

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