The Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2015 : Our Top 6 Choices

The Best Electric Shaver for Men in 2015 Our Top 6 ChoicesHow to find best shaver for men for 2015 ? Probably the number 1 electronic device for beauty care most manufactured around the world is the electric shaver, both for men and women, though the men team got much more attention of of the industry and we can say the market is overcrowded with a lot of different models of electric shavers for men.


You probably know that’s true because, every time you consider to buy a new electric shaver, you will see a myriad of different options while many of them are equally mediocre and others are equally great. In that sense we are going to give you the names of 5 best electric shavers for men, considering one watershed key feature: how hightech it is, because, of course, we surely selected only the best ones and there is nothing else standing one out from each other than how much state of art, ultimate alike they are.
In this sense, we will start with what we consider the best electric shaver for men, with a detailed explanation why it is the winner and later we will briefly review more 4 names and tell you why they are our runner ups.

Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc4 Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Flexible Pivoting Head for Men

Our choice for best shaver for Men : Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc4 Electric Shaver Wet/Dry with Flexible Pivoting Head for Men[/easyazon_image]Many people might think “How an electric shaver with straight razors can be the best one in the market right now?”. Well, the Panasonic Arc4 is not as simple as seems. Though it look like a very conventional electric shaver, this model developed by Panasonic is one of their ultimate technologies, merging the multi directional features of the homonym design with the convenience of the straight razor ones.

The Arc4 is made of 4 different blades, and they are not any kind of blade simply paired besides one each other. The Japanese brand implements some of the best designs ever of blades for this machine, the so-called nanotech blades. Made of a patented stainless steel, they are hypoallergenic, made with nano technology to provide ultra sharp 30 degrees edges. This is not only the sharpest buddies in the market, but also the more long lasting ones.
Flexible Blades

Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc4 bladesThe best about the nanotech blades is not over. Is not mandatory a multi directional design, with circular blades, to set your shaving experience in accordance with a multi directional functionality. The Arc4 is also a multi directional electric shaver once its blades are pivotal and work on different directions. This doesn’t simply mimic the results of the circular, wide spread blades, but set a new level of performance and smooth shaving. Whenever it possible, you should also check some of the customer reviews for this shaver around the web since you will see many men sharing their electric shaver with their female partners because, the system is simply as great as you could imagine for all kinds of skin and hair.

5 Stage Speed

Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc4 5 stage speedThe high-tech profile of the Arc4 is not limited to the blades. The way you can control how the shaver will work on your hands is also very phased. Through a LED digital interface, you can switch easily from one RPM speed to other. There are 4 different speeds – and the off control key – so you can shave many different parts of your body with the right amount of intensity.

The Pros of the Right Blades

While they work just as multidirectional ones, the nanotech blades developed by Panasonic are great for a man’s face because they can work perfectly to define beard lines letting everything paired and even able to define mustache lines and even sidewhiskers. This is what the circular blades can’t do for you unless you have a pop up trimmer attached.

And talking about them, yes, the Arc4 also comes with a pop up trimmer, so you can shave your beard very short or even perform a quite bare cut somewhere down on your body at ease.
Other Technical Aspects

For safety measures, the Arc4 also comes with a switch-lock button. Since the interface of the machine is quite sensitive and easy to handle, would be very easy to mishandle it and accidentally put it work when that is not your intention, for example, inside your travel bag.
All you have to do is to lock it after shaving so the LED interface will be deactivated. This electric shaver is also waterproof, so you can wash the blades and perform both wet or dry shaving. If you need a hand of your favorite shaving latter or gel, they are welcome.

As a waterproof product, yes, the Arc4 is cordless and has a great autonomy: up to 45 minutes and the battery takes 1 hour to get completely recharged. The price for this beauty couldn’t be that cheap: you can find it on promotional sale for US$ 129, though the original price of the product is almost US$ 300. Worths every penny.
Why Not Arc5

consIf you have been researching around you have already seen the Arc5 model too, which is the latest version of the Arc Series developed by Panasonic. The reason it is not the guy in the top of our list is quite simple: it is much more expensive and it doesn’t worth the difference.

In comparison with the Arc4, the 5 one is, as you can guess, a version with one extra blade. How much does it cost? An extra of US$ 60 dollars, the total price of the Arc5 is up to US$ 190 on promotional sale. For less than that, you can get the Arc4 version with the cleaning central!

The model however comes with other improvements that are also arguable. When you already have a LED interface, is up to you whether a digital one with information about for how long you have been running the machine turned on already, how much energy you still have in the battery and a lock/unlock visual information on this display – the speed control by the way happens with a a slide physical button here, which is in our opinion a downgrade, simply because anything that works with mechanical forces is much more likely to get damaged and malfunctioning.

Perhaps when the Arc5 gets less popular upon the release of a new model the prices will become fair, though it still controversial what has been changed here whether it is really good or not. One extra blade surely is always welcome, but the other changes are really not helping the experience to be more successful. This model is overall quite well reviewed though.

Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System, Silver

If you are not either afraid of spending money on a great quality product, you also have another great option with an extra plus. The Braun 790cc ($180) is another high tech electric shaver with an exclusive cleaning center. Instead of caring about washing it old-school, after using your Braun 790cc all you have to do is let it take a dip in the cleaning center. The also recharging holder of the electric shaver has a “tub” for the shaver, so you just have to drop it upside down in the “tub” and the cleaning central will wash it for you. All you have to do is add some water. And yeah this is fun.

And you might think “How an electric shaver with its own cleaning central is not the best?”. Well, the blades system of the Braun 790cc are unhappily just reduced in comparison with the Panasonic one which, by the way, has its exclusive nanotech blades. And that’s what basically separates one from each other.

If you are lucky enough – and have money enough – you will also find the Deluxe version of the Panasonic Arc4 with a cleaning central. However, it will cost a bit more – around US$ 180 on promotional sale – and the central won’t be that much effective as customers have been reporting – the reason why it is not that popular. We don’t know why Panasonic did right with the blades but not with the accessory cleaning station, perhaps because is just accessory.

PHILIPS Aqua Touch AT890 Shaver with Trimmer

When it comes to rotary multidirectional shavers everybody first thinks on the Norelco models – and yes, soon you will see one of them here – but this AquaTouch model is such an updated version of the Norelco technology you will really want to pay attention to it whether you are considering buying it.

This model is a powerful cordless system, with up to 50 minutes of autonomy. The recharge takes up to 1 hour to get completely refill the battery, but this system works in phased charges, so you can plug the charger for 5 minutes, for example, and you will be able to do a quick shaving if you do this daily.

As most rotary multi directional shavers, this AquaTouch model is developed for men who want to keep it all bare and smooth, no beard, no hair, and you will be able to have a shaving experience with a the best kind of hypoallergenic blades.

These blade heads developed by Philips are also very convenient to get clean, you just have to pop out the head and wash it with whatever you want – water, soup or any other disinfecting substance to keep it really clean. And talking about pop out, the AquaTouch has a special trimmer for men who want to define beard lines, sideburns and moustache lines.

The model has a pop up trimmer very handy to use, so unlike other models of rotary shavers, you don’t have to rely on other machines to do this kind of trimming touch on your appearance after shaving. The AquaTouch for some reason is much more popular in UK than America, but you can find it for a very affordable price in American dollars up to US$ 70 on promotional sale.


Philips Norelco PT730/46 3500 Shaver

From now on we are going to indicate more affordable options that are also really great and will work just as good for people who are not looking for a super machine of an electric shaver, and we start with Norelco 3100.

Norelco is a synonym of multidirectional eletric shavers and the dear baby of Philips when it comes to shavers. This ultimate model of the brand is quite affordable, only US$ 50 out of promotional sales, but you can find it even for 30 to 40 dollars.

This is the kind of guy for men who are looking for a good shaver for their messy beards, the kind that has hair growing in all directions. Yes, with a multidirectional shaver you won’t be able to trim your beard and define it quite neat, but the Norelco 3100 is the shaver for men who like to have it all removed, as smooth and neat as possible. Pivotal blades, washable and cordless though you can also use it corded – though it is washable, you can’t however perform wet shaving since this kind of shaver is developed for men with sensitive skin and can’t make use of toiletries like latter and other products that cause irritation.

Braun Series 3-340s Wet & Dry Electric Shaver

No, Braun is not paying us to sell you their products, facts are facts, one more shaver of the brand is in the list because is simply as great and as affordable as the Norelco. The Braun 340s is the perfect affordable shaver for men who want to shave and define: a straight razors shaver with the best of the Braun technology.

The model has also its own special technology for hair removal. The 3 Way shaving vibrates, and cuts both horizontally and vertically, offering a great, smooth shaving for even the thinest hair.

The Braun 340s is also washable but only cordless, so you can use it for both wet and dry shaving. And men with sideburns and mustaches will benefit from the precision trimmer attached to the machine. Like the Norelco, you can find the Braun 340s for around US$ 50.


Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving Technology


To set up our top 5 best shavers for men, Remington shows up with their great F5 shaver, one of the best sold electric shavers online. While not everything that sells like hot cakes is as good as it seems, this is actually the case with this Remington model. Like Braun, Remington is a renowned brand with great, fancy technology, and this is their ultimate version for a robust straight razor electric shaver.

The great about its 3 stainless steel foiled blades that work on 4 different speeds is, you can use them for a long time cordless. The battery lasts for 60 minutes and can be recharged in – shock – only 5 minutes.

Nonetheless it is a great seller and greatly acclaimed by customers. The machine costs only US$ 50, and while it has less blades than the previous models – it is a simple 2 blades mechanism – it works as great and has the plus of the great autonomy – and you can use it corded too.


Priorities First : Find your best shaver based on your personal preferences

As you can see, the best electric shavers are not complete aliens to one each other, they share many pros and cons and what makes one better than the other is the amount of blades, cutting technologies and useful accessories. But you always must have in mind what you are looking for when it comes to shaving.

As we said previously, if you are the kind of neat guy who really doesn’t look great with a beard or really it not looking for any trace of facial hair in your face, you are a winner because you can stick to the most affordable products of the list. They are all you need to keep your face as smooth as possible, while some have a wider area to cover your beard (Norelco) and will finish the task sooner, others are more accurate and will avoid accidents (any of the straight bladed ones).

You also must know well your needs when it comes to shaving. If you have a quite virile beard and wants to treat it with the best you can, is better to open your pockets and spend on the most expensive ones to be sure you are getting everything you need. Our top electric shaver is the winner simply because it offers the best you can look for when shaving, while others like Braun 790cc are a luxury you can bet on if you are not afraid to spend.


Get What you Want

Don’t worry at all. We are not ranking and reccomending any arguable machine here – as we detailed about the Arc5 model out of our list. All these electric shavers are the best you can find in the market on their own price range. Either it is a 50 bucks one or a 200, they all worth what they cost, is up to you to decide how much does your beard and face costs to get the best you can have.


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