Top 3 of the Most Expensive Epilators in the Market

most expensive epilatorPrice meets quality and that is for a fact true, but not always a price is fair and reasonable, specially when it comes to epilators. Though today we are going to show you a top 3 of the most expensive epilators in the market considering, yes, high numbers, but we did not stick simply the higher prices disregarding what was being sold.
Epilators can be expensive when they are really high quality products but also when they come with the most complete sort of tools to make them complete and useful. Though none of the products you are going to see on this list could be considered “average”, some of them are better than others for sure despite the price and we will always digress about it here.

The main point of compiling a top with the most expensive epilators is to filter all products that are available in the market for salty prices and that are really lacking some sense for such charges. Many very expensive epilators are so because they are almost out of stock at the stores they are being sold or because they are imported products out of limited editions – and that really doesn’t mean a limited edition absolutely matches a must have, high quality product criteria, so we are left with only the expensive ones that are really worthing what they cost.

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator, White

We have talked about this model before though it is listed as one of the most expensive not simply because it is a great complete epilator but also because its best version is a pack with quite essential extra tools you have to get. You can find Silk-épil 7 sold separately around the web though is much likely that the product is used because officially, the Silk-epil 7 is sold in a pack.

Braun has been releasing several epilators under the Silk-épil line and they were all very successful. There is the 3, 5 and finally the 7 version. The ultimate edition is probably what we could consider the reference of an epilator these days in the market. This model is extremely popular are very well rated, and we can’t ever forget it is a Braun machine, so you are really not buying little here.

But let’s focus on what makes it for real an expensive epilator. First thing, the SE7 is not simply an epilator, but also a shaver and a trimmer. Is all about the attachments that come along with the machine in the pack.

The model is sold with a shaver and a trimmer head and three different cap heads, a large, standard one, an average one (for delicate areas of the body) and an extra special small one developed for facial epilating with a cap even smaller.

The shaver and trimmer head however is something really fancy in this product. They come along together in only one attachable head working with a switch system based on a switching key. If you want to shave, turn the key to the shaver mode, trimming, key on the trim mode. The blades alternate so you don’t have to attach extra heads for that matter. Is compact, but is fancy!

Other sophisticated features of this epilator that justify the prices are the pivoting and massaging head of the epilator. While many products just have a standard rotating motor putting the engines to work, this Braun model is really more refined, the head will vibrate to massage your skin while the tweezers to the work, so the pain is likely to be much less intense.

For all the women with thin and fair hair, the machine also comes with this handy lightning bulb attached to the machine, so you can really see all the little fellas trying to avoid their demise.
Important to note, the epilator head has a permanent lifting comb called SotfLift tips. They will comb and lift up the hair for easier grabbing and removal for both epilating and shaving operations.

And of course, the machine understands that not all part of the body are the same, so you can use the extra caps for epilating in delicate zones with a smaller cap area, that way you avoid pinching or hurting your self as well as you can slide more comfortably the epilator against your skin with no fear.

How much: $ 100 – 120 dollars (4½ stars)
Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaver

Here we will talk at the same time about two Panasonic epilators that are very similar, and you also have read about them here since they are some of the best models available in the market. Panasonic models are always developed with some of the best technologies available in the industry, so just that fact makes them expensive products that really worth every penny.

These two epilators are not the same but quite alike. The WD51-P is the ultimate edition and the most expensive of all them, costing around $ 123 dollars, while the ED90-P is an earlier version with a standard $ 130 dollars price but widely available in promotional sale for around $100 dollars. The reason of the discount is because the WD51 is the new toy under the spot at the moment, though is actually hard to know which one is best.

Both models are, like the Braun one, not simply an epilator, but a multi task machine. They both have an extra shaving/trimming head but, apart from that, the earlier model has much more attachments than the ultimate version – and that is actually weird since the ED90 model is being sold around for lower prices.

The ultimate version has only an extra comb head – good for lifting up the hair upon shaving and epilating – this head can be attached over the other heads – and a smaller cap head for the delicate areas.

On the other hand, the earlier version has other three different heads: a smaller, gentle cap head for beginners that are not used yet to the pain, a bikini cap, with very small cap zone, and an exclusive foot care head for sanding your foot with a sandpaper rotating belt. To complete, the ED90-P version has a bonus bag for you to carry your things around at ease (the WD51 model also has a travel pouch but it is smaller).

Apart from these differences, both machines have the same kind of mechanism, both with 48 tweezer heads and the shaver heads are foiled with hypoallergenic, no nickel heads. Well, it surely worths every penny!

How much: WD51-P = $ 123  ( 4 )

ED50-P = $ 100 to 129  (4½ stars)

Philips New Satinperfect Deluxe Hp6581/00 Wet and Dry Epilator


This Philips model is the most expensive machine of your list, and some people may think it doesn’t worth that much than the others because it has 40 tweezers and costs much more than the Braun one – which also has 40 tweezers – and, on the other hand,  has almost 10 less tweezers than the previous Panasonic models that have an average price much more affordable. But the thing here is – and is up to you to judge – instead of relying on attachable heads, the model comes along with an extra epilating machine for precision epilating, specially designed for delicate zones. That seems like an extravagance but can also be very handy if you like things neatly separate.
Overall, this is a Philips machine and many people rely much more on Philips technology than Panasonic, for example. But what about Braun? The German brand has refined, top notch products specially developed for women epilating and shaving applications, no wonder their models are a reference for many other brands to mimic their mechanism. This Philips model also has a very different epilating tweezer head, but it is a for a fact that this model is not really a let down in the opinion of the customers, has a solid 4 stars rate just like the ultimate Panasonic model (WD51).

Apart from its Philips-top-notch-techonology 40 tweezers and the extra epilator special for intimate zones, the epilator is also sold in a comprehensive kit with a set of extra heads: shaving and trimming foiled heads, also with hypoallergenic and free of Nickel alloys, two comb heads for lifting hair, one for epilating and other for shaving – damm, yeah, they have two different heads for practically the same thing but couldn’t make it work for different operations (epilating and shaving).

The main epilator also has a lightning system to find little fair hairs and comes with an extra manual mirrored tweezer with a lightning bulb for manual removal.

As you can see, Philips developed a kit with a lot of things, some of them a little bit too much and perhaps unnecessary – why would you need a manual tweezer when your electrical machines are supposed to remove all hair? but customers are happy with it. On the other hand, be ware about the price fluctuation. On USA stores like Amazon you will find it by $ 230 dollars, though on it costs 191 dollars ( £128) so be careful to check the availability of the product with different retailers to do not pay too much for it.
How much: $ 500

Overall Considerations

All these models are cordless and rechargeable. Most importantly, the recharge time is up to 1 hour, which is very handy and dynamic – some powerful tweezers might take even up to 6 hours to be fully recharged – and the performance of the machines is up to 40 minutes with the charge. Well developed power systems after all!

And since they are cordless, they all are fit for both dry and wet methods and can be washed and used under the shower.

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