Neither all women are updated about all the latest releases on beauty gadgets nor have the time to check different sources one by one. was created to help out women who are into epilators as well as to bring these little convenient toys under a brighter light spot in the market.
Epilators are efficient, fast, versatile and many of them, portable. Our site however wants to separate the wheat from the chaff and underline the best products in the market. Currently there are over 15 different brands in the market producing epilators and the number of machines released, including the discontinued ones, is huge. As customers we can buy products everywhere on internet, but not all webstores and sites offer reliable information and ultimate reviews about epilators in the same this happens with other gadgets like shavers and waxing.

So here we are, in the land of the top epilators of the market. We are always up to date, keeping the heads up about what shows up in the market as well as we offer you the best advices before you buy an epilator according to what you are looking for.

Our Criteria is always scanning the market and updated about what is new, what is trending, what is notorious and trickery. We filter all this information for you prioritizing popular opinion, prices, availability, brand reliability and cost-benefit. All reviews we are bringing to you are about products we ourselves have been using and loving or at least testing for our own contentment.   

Our Content

We are not only bringing to you names of the best epilators in the market, but we also provide you a detailed guide on how these products work. How to have the best from the epilators, how to handle, what they are best for and much more tips and guidelines are the core of our reviews. We are not selling, we are here to wise you up.