Waxing at home : Top 3 Products

Waxing probably is the most painful method to remove unwanted body hair, yet it is quite popular. People who use waxing products for at home usually prefer this kind of hair removal method because it combines the two advantages of being quick (but painful) and effective (i.e. long-lasting). While other men and women spend hours on using their shavers and epilators, people who wax at home, usually only need a few minutes to apply the wax and then rip it off again. So how does it work in detail?


How to do waxing at home ?

First you need to know that there is a difference between hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax already comes ready on strips, and is best used for sensitive areas, e.g. your bikini line, the underarms, forearms and other areas you might be particularly sensitive at.

waxing at home Soft wax will have to be heated up first and applied where needed. It might sound as if this is the better option for small sensitive areas, but it’s not.  Soft wax is best used for larger areas like your legs and the back.

Before you apply any type of wax on your skin, it would be a good idea to clean the body parts that need to be waxed. This removes your natural body oils. They can prevent the wax to stick to your skin properly which would reduce the effectiveness of the wax. So make sure to clean your skin before applying wax (and dry the skin, of course).

Once you are ready, you apply the wax on your skin (if you use soft wax, you need to heat it up and apply it with a spatula plus put the wax paper on top of the wax). The next step is to rip the wax off your skin in one quick and fluid motion. It doesn’t help at all to do it slowly and carefully. Contrary to popular belief, the fast method is less painful and works a lot better.

Discard the wax strips. This can be the final step of the process as most wax strip providers make sure that their wax has ingredients that soothe your skin. If you have extra sensitive skin, however, you might want to apply a cream after waxing.


Which products are the best home waxing products?

There are different types of wax hair removal kits for waxing at home. I would recommend the following to you:

Moom 100% Organic Tea Tree Hair Removal Kit For All Skin Types

This wax hair removal kit is not only great if you prefer to use organic products, but it is also a lot less painful than other wax home hair removal kits. It is very gentle to your skin because it clings on to your hair (that’s what you want to remove, after all), not to your skin. I won’t lie: you’ll still feel some pain, but it’s not that bad.
This product has not been tested on animals and thanks to the organic ingredients it is also suitable for people with very sensitive skin. If you are looking for the ideal wax kit to remove hair from your bikini line or your upper lip, then look no further.

Veet Easy Wax Roll On Hair Remover Wax Kit

The Veet Easy Wax Roll On Hair Remover Wax Kit is not as pain free as the MOOM wax but it is also quite good to your skin and smells nice and also saves time in preparation as its wax strips are already made for use which is a nice addon . Aloe Vera is added to soothe your skin during and after the hair removal process.

This wax set is best for people who only have fine or medium-fine hair. If your hair is thicker, then you might want to choose a different brand, as Veet Easy Wax is not as effective on coarse and thick hair.

Rio Total Body Waxing Hair Removal Kit

The Rio Total Body Waxing Hair removal kit is a kit that makes the application of soft wax very easy. You simply have to heat it up in the supplied heating cup. Then you can remove the cap and use the cup for the application. You don’t have to fight with the wax, and it turns the process into a mess free experience.

The wax from this brand is of a high quality and suitable for all kind of hair, from fine to thick. You can use the wax on all body parts, but you need to be aware that using this wax on more sensitive areas might be quite painful.

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