Waxing for Men – the Trend on the Rise

Waxing for men – why?

More and more men admit that they are using wax to remove unwanted hair in various regions of their body (you might or might not want to think about so-called Boyzilians). It actually is a fact that hair removal has been an issue for men for quite a while – but of course men had a hard time talking about this. The big turn came when famous male celebrities talked about the topic. Suddenly normal men also admitted being interested in waxing for men. After all, if the famous superstar that is so beloved by many women does it, it’s alright for other men, too.


How does waxing for men work?

Waxing for men


Waxing for men isn’t very different from waxing for women when it comes to the basic theory. The only difference is that men usually have thicker and coarser hair, so it would not be much use for

them to try and use the waxing kits that women usually use. They would not be very effective for men.

Man waxing can be done with hard wax (better for sensitive, hard to reach areas – you don’t really want soft wax sticking all over your… private parts), or with soft wax (it might be best to only use this for your legs, arms and your back).

The first step is to clean your skin well (so the natural oils of your skin do not prevent the wax from doing its job most efficiently). Then you will apply the wax to the areas of your body where you would like to remove the unwanted hair. It is best to just do one area after the other, e.g. do one leg completely, then do the other leg, etc.).

The wax will be removed by quickly ripping the wax off the skin (by using the paper the wax sticks to). Don’t be a wimp. Do it quickly and fluidly. If you slowly try to peel the wax off, you might as well just leave it as it will not have much of an effect. The wax and the hair have to be ripped off quickly. Yes, it hurts a bit, but if you do it properly, you won’t have to worry about hair removal for a week or two.


Which products are the best products men should use for waxing?

Zeos for menZeos For Men Hair Removal Warm Waxing Kit

Zeos for men is one of the first hair removal warm waxing kits that has been developed just for men. The manufacturers made sure that the wax is easy to apply. The device is quite simple and men will enjoy that the result of using this wax can last up to six weeks, but usually around three to four weeks according to customer reports.

The only problem men might have with this product is that the preparation time can be up to 20 minutes because the wax has to be heated up within the device.




MOOM for MenMoom for Men Wax Removal Hair System

Moom is a company that is great for people who prefer cruelty free cosmetic products, i.e. this wax has not been tested on animals. Moom also only uses organic ingredients like essential oils. This ensures a few things: it doesn’t smell as bad as other waxes, it does not irritate your skin, and it is environmentally friendly.

The ingredients in this wax removal kit for men make sure that your hair will be removed quite efficiently, and the results last a few weeks. A nice side effect is that your hair will grow back thinner over time (that is if you stick to this product for a while).

The plus is that the preparation time isn’t that long. You just put the wax in the microwave for 10 seconds (not more or you’ll risk burning yourself), then it is ready for application. The gentle formula of this wax is also suitable for more sensitive areas of your body, but you would still like to avoid getting the wax on your private parts.


Nad's for MenNad’s for Men Hair Removal Strips

This probably the fastest way to remove unwanted hair for men. You just need to put the strips on the parts of your body that have the unwanted hair (preferably clean your skin beforehand), then rip the strips off. That’s it.

The strips are especially formulated for coarse male hair – but beware, this is not the most gentle way to get rid of your unwanted body hair even though the wax strips have soothing agents as ingredients. These strips are hard to beat though when you’re after a fast, efficient and long-lasting hair removal system.





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