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The Hollywood waxing

The Hollywood waxing is often mistaken by the Brazilian waxing because they both are similar in style. However, the former is more radical. If you don't know how Brazilian waxing works, it basically removes almost all hair from your genital zones, from the bum until your delta

The Best Waxing Products For You – Our Top 3 choices

What kind of waxing products do exist? Waxing products come in two different categories: hard wax (usually on strips) and soft wax (which you have to heat up and then apply with a spatula or a provided device) so its pretty hard to chose best waxing products

Waxing at home : Top 3 Products

Waxing probably is the most painful method to remove unwanted body hair, yet it is quite popular. People who use waxing products for at home usually prefer this kind of hair removal method because it combines the two advantages of being quick (but painful) and effective (i.e.

Waxing for Men – the Trend on the Rise

Waxing for men – why? More and more men admit that they are using wax to remove unwanted hair in various regions of their body (you might or might not want to think about so-called Boyzilians). It actually is a fact that hair removal has been an